Yojohan Time Machine Blues Gets Longer Trailer And Visual Poster

A new 60-second trailer for Yojohan Time Machine Blues has been released, offering a longer look at the upcoming sequel to The Tatami Galaxy. A poster visual was also released.

Yojohan Time Machine Blues will premiere in Japan on September 14 via Disney+. A three-week theatrical run will begin on September 30. The Disney+ version will include an exclusive streaming episode.

The anime is based on the 2020 novel written by Tomihiko Morimi with a concept of Makoto Uedawhich is a sequel to 2005 The Tatami Galaxy. The premise involves the remote control of the only air conditioner in the Shimogamoyuusui residence damaged after being submerged in water by Ozu, the friend of the protagonist, “Me”. As “Me” tries to find an answer to this turn of events with Akashi, the cool beauty of the Misogi movie circle, a college student named Tamura, who claims to have traveled 25 years into the future via a time machine. , appears . “Me” comes up with the idea of ​​going back in time to fix the problem with the air conditioner, but Ozu and other parties end up modifying the previous day and rewriting the past with the time machine.

Yojohan Time Machine BluesThe staff understands Shingo Natsume (One-punch man, sonny boy) as director, Ueda (The Tatami Galaxy composer of the series) as a screenwriter, Yuusuke Nakamura (The Tatami Galaxy) as the original character designer, and Michiru Ooshima (The Tatami Galaxy) as a music composer. SARU Science is the animation production studio.

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Other staff include Nobutake Itou (The Tatami Galaxy) and Shoko Nishigaki (The Tatami Galaxy animation director) as character designers, Fuminao Akai (Deco Yurei) as artistic director, Ayaka Nakamura (Ride your wave) as a color creator, and Hikari Itō (Deco Yurei) and Yoshihiro Sekiya (Deco Yurei) as cinematographers.

Meanwhile, the returning cast includes Shintarou Asanuma like me,” Maya Sakamoto like Akashi, Hiroyuki Yoshino like Ozu, Junichi Suwabe like Jougasaki-senpai, Yuuko Kaida like Hanuki-san, and Setsuji Satou like Aijima-senpai. Kazuya Nakai plays Seitarou Higuchi, having reprized the role of fire Keiji Fujiwara in 2017 The night is short, step on the girl film. Actor Chikara Hondawho had previously played a small role in The Tatami Galaxyplays Tamura-kun.

Science SARU previously produced the 2010 11-episode anime series adaptation of The Tatami Galaxy and the 2017 animated film adaptation of its spiritual successor, The Night Is Short, Walk On The Girl. These adaptations were made by Masaaki Yuasawith Natsume contributing some of the show’s storyboards and serving as episode director for The Tatami Galaxythe sixth episode.

Sources: Asmik Ace YouTube Channel, @4andahalf_tmb

Briana R. Cross