Whisper of the Heart Live-Action Movie Releases Second Visual and Footage

Live action Whisper of the heart the film released its second visual. As with the first, the visual features two posters side by side, one representing the past and the other the present.

The new visual shows Shizuku Tsukishima and Seiji Amatsawa reuniting as adults with the image on the left. Meanwhile, the image on the right shows Seiji riding a bicycle in Shizuku during his middle school years, similar to the manga and anime movie finale.

Several images of Whisper of the heart were also posted on the film’s website. One of them previews the live-action version of Moon the Cat alongside teenage Shizuku.

©︎柊あおい/集英社 ©︎2022『耳をすませば』製作委員会

Whisper of the heart will premiere in Japan on October 14. He is inspired by Aoi HiiragiThe manga published by Shueisha in 1989, which had already received a 1995 Studio Ghibli movie adaptation. The live-action film will notably differ from the manga and animated film by adding a plot set 10 years after the original story.

The film is directed and written by Yuuichirou Hirakawawho previously made live-action adaptations of titles like The promised never-never land, Deletedand Waiting for spring. Nana Seino and Tori Matsuzaka play the adult versions of Shizuku and Seiji respectively, while Runa Yasuhara and Tsubasa Nakagawa play the college versions of the characters.

Netflix describes the animated film version as follows:

After learning that all of his library books were previously borrowed by the same person, schoolgirl Shizuku sets out to meet him and follow his dreams.

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