Watch: Studiocanal’s video essay on “The Art of Visual Storytelling”

Watch: Studiocanal’s video essay on “The Art of Visual Storytelling”

by Alex Billington
April 22, 2022
Source: Youtube

“Films don’t need to have a grandiose visual production to have relevant and strong images.” Although film is a visual medium, cinema is not just about pointing a camera at actors. Here’s another great video essay to enjoy – brought to you by UK-based distributor Studiocanal. The art of visual storytelling is a video essay created by “The Cinema Cartography”, a collective creating videos on cinema and exploring various themes (we also uploaded their The Greatest Films You Don’t Know a few months ago). This one looks at how movies use visual storytelling and the different types of visual techniques that filmmakers like to use. They discuss classics like Guillermo del Toro Pan’s Labyrinththat of Akira Kurosawa Ranby David Lynch The Elephant Manby Francis Ford Coppola Revelation now, as well as the films of Michael Powell and the films of Jean Cocteau. As always, it just makes me want to watch more movies – especially all those classics.

The art of visual storytelling

Original YouTube description: “Cinema is simply the Art of audiovisual storytelling; the art of telling stories and expressing ideas through the interplay of sound, performance, cinematography, art direction and editing. With a keen eye for visual storytelling, master filmmakers elevate Movie theater at the height of his artistic possibilities. Discover the power of visual storytelling from a selection of Studiocanal classics in this brand new video essay from The Cinema Cartography.” This video essay was commissioned by Studiocanal and edited by The cartography of cinema – follow them on YouTube for more videos or visit their Patreon page for news. “Created by Lewis Michael Bond and Luiza Liz Bond, The Cinema Cartography inspires new ways to experience art. We do it because we believe that Art changes the world by giving people new perspectives.” For more video essays, click here. What did you think?

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