Watch Jim Jones, Migos’ “We Set The Trends” NFT Music Visual –

Rapper Jim Jones and The Migos have teamed up with six NFT artists to bring us all into the metaverse with their groundbreaking NFT visual for “We Set The Trends.”

Directed by Eddie “EddieVisual” Perez and Grammy-nominated director Yasha Gruben, the video allows viewers to bounce between the eclectic digital worlds of Cultivation III trio and Harlem’s own Capo. The collaborative project also spotlights 15 visual artists with very different styles, including designer and Moët Hennessy award winner Louis Vuitton KidSuper, former creative director of A$AP Rocky. Robert Gallardoiconic artist Somehoodlum, Hip-Hop NFT icon Tilla Vision, top Bored Ape Yacht Club animator Idrawanimation, digital craftsman Guy Bergman and many more.

“We call it the Web3 Avengers, I think that pretty much sums it up,” Perez said. Gruben added, “We see this project as a way for visual artists who work on music videos to get residual income from their work, it’s a new model for visual artists in the music industry.”

More and more hip-hop artists have entered the NFT market such as Jay-Z, Kanye West, Chris Brown, Tory Lanez, and Kanye West, to name a few. Rapper Rick Ross recently took issue with the idea. “That’s the thing with the boss,” Ross said in an Instagram video. “The metaverse, the crypto, you make so much money where you are? Where are you? Show us and I don’t mean I’m tryna show money, I got a lot of money, I don’t even need that fake money, but show my homies what the metaverse.

“We Set The Trends” premieres exclusively on metaverse platform DecentraLand, which is also announcing a brand new VR movie theater for this particular release. Nostalgic digital music platform Limewire will also sponsor the virtual film premiere of “We Set The Trends.”

Check out the augmented reality music video above.

Briana R. Cross