Watch BeMyFiasco’s animated visual for “2 Car Garage” [Video]

Watch BeMyFiasco’s animated visual for “2 Car Garage” [Video]

Singer-songwriter BeMyFiasco just released their first album where i left you, which is inspired by the singer’s real-life experiences. Now she returns with the hit track “2 Car Garage,” a heartfelt short track that explores financial issues and near-homelessness. The track which details his move from Dallas to Los Angeles is done in BeMyFiasco’s unique style and relays a story of relatable doom everyone can relate to over a dreamy piano soundscape. Her sweet voice really engulfs the mellow canvas as she floats effortlessly with her sonic melodies that soar to a plateau in the choir section.

The animation for the video was done by a young artist from North Carolina named Tàvia McMillan (a.k.a Cryptic donuts) and it’s pretty solid. The hand-drawn, flowing style fits well with the singer’s alternative style and also has a 90s animation aesthetic. Here, we follow the singer as she settles into her new home only for a little accident happens which leads to her being evicted from her home, and to make matters worse, her car was towed, resulting in the loss of her house and her car. .

“2 Car Garage” is from Bianca “BeMyFiasco” Rodriguez’s debut album where i left you via +FE Music/EMPIRE which was released on October 15, 2021.

Bianca “BeMyFiasco” Rodriguez is an aspiring singer-songwriter, kindergarten teacher, and psychotherapist from Dallas, Texas. As a singer-songwriter, she has worked with artists such as Lyric Jonesit’s on her CTTA opening of the album “Face to Face”, IAMNOBODI“Let it roll”, Robert Glasper‘s “Violets”, Little brothercomeback album hailed in 2019 May the Lord watch. She also spent time in Spain doing shows and commercials and she also lent her voice to the TV show “La que se avecina” as part of the choir for two episodes.

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