VOD viewing features Visual EDGE CONNECT HDMI connectivity

VOD Visual launches EDGE CONNECT, a fine-pitch LED display with direct HDMI connectivity. VOD Visual is a LED video wall solution based in Shenzen, China vendor which offers turnkey solutions on LED display applications. The company will showcase EDGE CONNECT at ISE 2022 in Barcelona at booth 3F230.

According to the company, EDGE CONNECT scales and mirrors video content from connected devices. Thus, it bypasses the need for LED display control systems, send and receive boards, and complex video infrastructure.

It also has accessible HDMI ports. With this, EDGE CONNECT allows users to easily and quickly connect standard video playback devices directly to the display. As a result, content is delivered instantly without scaling issues to a transparent display of any shape and size.

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As with all EDGE Series models, the Pioneer 55-inch panels are the largest die-cast cabinets on the market. They are designed as a direct and viable replacement for LCD screens. Four times the size of average cabinets, these lightweight displays are four times faster to install in spaces.

Customers can also mount them directly to the wall for quick deployment. Plus, they integrate seamlessly to create scalable setups.

Durability characteristics

According to VOD Visual, the EDGE series paves the way for next-generation sustainable LEDs. Customers can also upgrade the EDGE while keeping 80% of the components in place. Thus, it further extends the service life of the product to more than 11 years. LED modules can also be easily replaced without modifying the underlying infrastructure. For example, a 2.5mm pixel pitch display can become a 1.2mm screen. Thus, it provides a cost-effective solution to improve image quality in the most sustainable way.

EDGE’s green credentials also extend to the recycling process. It comes with four times fewer internal components and plastic-free parts. According to a statement, the engineering behind the EDGE aims to consciously reduce the impact of e-waste. Additionally, the EDGE features significantly reduced power consumption capabilities. At the same time, its superior thermal management technology creates a cool touchscreen.

This eco-responsible initiative is therefore an approach by VOD Visual to make a conscious effort to produce more sustainable products.

As explained by Rob Bint, CEO of VOD Visual, “EDGE CONNECT is a crucial innovation to streamline the transition from LCD to LED screen and make it more viable. The entire EDGE line offers unparalleled, long-lasting and energy-efficient capabilities. Featuring low power consumption technology, usage is reduced by up to 75% for extended product life to over 100,000 operating hours. It has front serviceability and is three times brighter than LCD. Additionally, it features high dynamic range, high refresh rates, and a wide Rec. 709.”

He continues, “Image reproduction is lifelike, crisp, and does not fade or distort under any ambient light. This, coupled with the enhanced connectivity option, is what the industry has been waiting for to ease the transition from LCD video walls.

Briana R. Cross