Visual Novel ‘Twofold’ will be published by Studio Élan’s Bellhouse Imprint next year

Studio Élan has shared the first trailer for Doublethe tracking game First snow. Developed in partnership between Salty Salty Studios and Studio Coattails, the visual novel is slated for release on PC -via Steam- in 2023, although a more specific date has yet to be announced.

Double tells the story of Olive Penn, a person about to be expelled from college. Accustomed to not relying on others, Olive will receive help from two club leaders. But when conflict threatens to tear a group of friends and lovers apart, Olive’s perspective as an outsider may be the key to keeping them all together.

On one side you have Caprice Shiften, who started her own art club because she didn’t approve of the one that already existed. She is bright and optimistic and strives to appreciate things beyond the rules and regulations. On the other, Millie Clarke leads the prestigious writing club, very proud of her position. She can be quite stubborn at times and doesn’t have as many friends, but she cares about them a lot.

DoubleThemes revolve around love, family and connecting people. There are two distinct paths in the game, and the choices you make will give you insight into the conflict. The story takes place about a year later First snow.

Check out the trailer:

Briana R. Cross