Visual artist Priyesh Trivedi is forging his own path in the contemporary art scene

What is the story you like to tell when you find yourself behind/in front of the camera?

I think, quite simply, it’s just an effort to make the viewer understand why the moment or series of moments you’re capturing relate to you and them. Art in all its forms is an exercise in opening a window into your mind.

What did you seek to portray with the film you shot with the Samsung Galaxy S22 series?

Duality. You can think of the night as a time of complete solitude, or you can find joy in the sensory overload of lights and sounds. However, for me, my relationship to the night is about embracing both extremes, and that’s what I sought to capture with filming. Yes, there’s a lot of play with light and color that’s been wonderfully captured with the Samsung S22 series, but it also makes you feel relaxed and calm.

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Who are your creative icons in the digital sphere?

In the field of new media and video art, some of the people I look up to are Nam June Paik, Hito Steyerl and Ryoji Ikeda. In photography, I love what the Synchrodogs have done to define their aesthetic. And Taiwanese artist John Yuyi marries his photography perfectly with the larger digital landscape.

What advice would you give to budding content creators and artists?

don’t hunt love. Everything else will work out after that.

Briana R. Cross