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TONY BAKATUBIA, the founder of KAGAMAN Studio, is driven to impact society by raising awareness through art and training young artists to create better works of art.

When training them, he said, he first looks at the level the artists are at, and sees if the passion transpires from their drawings before he begins to teach them the fundamentals of drawing, regardless of their background. in art schools, because he believes that art can be relearned as many times as possible.

The self-taught visual artist grew up watching Japanese anime such as Dragon Ball and Naruto, and loved reading comics.

They inspired him from an early age as he was an introverted child who spent his days drawing in his bedroom.

In 2013, while in high school, he set his sights on making art for a living. He said he continued to learn every day and every hour, adding that his skills were the result of long hours of hard work and many sacrifices.

“I only live from my art. I can say that my being is made up of only two things; God and art,” he said.

“One of the things I always focus on when working is how I can communicate a message as effectively as possible through facial expression, body pose, color and composition. In a sense , I am a storyteller who likes to communicate through panels and pages.

Bakatubia has worked on numerous projects locally and abroad and has illustrated a number of children’s books and comics as well as illustrations.

His popular works are comics like SDGs comic in collaboration with Shabani Bizimana for FES Rwanda (The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung) and Ndabaga Concept Art as well as Ngunda children’s book and animation video.

According to him, the visual industry in Rwanda is growing rapidly with more young visual artists, although he thinks there is still a lot to work on, improve and create.

His biggest challenge is that he strives to do many works at the same time, which becomes difficult, even though he feels he can do more to help and create a positive impact on the community.

He plans to create more fictional characters who can impact society regarding the environmental and social issues people face because he believes fiction is a great tool to improve people’s lives.

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