‘Vikky The Rockstar’ First Shade Provides a Visual Feast | Telugu Movie News

Vikram and Amrutha Chowdary are starring in upcoming musical romantic single artist “Vikky The Rockstar” directed by CS Ganta. Flight Lieutenant Srinivas Nuthalapati (IAF) is producing the film with high production values ​​under the banner of Studio87 Productions, while Mrs. Vardhini Nuthalapati presents the film. Subhash and Charitha are the executive producers.

Shades Of Rockstar will witness a series of previews showing different shades of the protagonist being revealed. Here is the first nuance. The preview shows Rockstar’s briefing on the importance of the former in everyone’s life. It’s a heartbreaking video with deep emotions. Sunil Kashyap’s background score adds more depth to the preview. The visuals provide a feast for the eyes. Cinematographer Bhaskar is behind the stunning visuals. Of course, the film is made lavishly on an uncompromising budget.

“Vikky The Rockstar” is in the final stage of post-production work, and the team is promoting the film vigorously. In fact, the promotional materials created a lot of hype, from the first glance to the motion poster. Now the First Shade has an instant response. The release date of the film will be revealed soon.

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