Top 6 Visual Studio Themes You Should Try

VS Code has many themes available, with new ones arriving all the time. Whether you’re looking for a dark or light theme, you won’t have a hard time finding plenty of them. The only downside to having so many themes available is the paradox of choice. How can you find the best theme for your needs, without spending hours of research trying to find something that works for you?


This selection of six themes represents VS Code’s best offerings for a range of uses.

One Dark Pro is one of the best dark themes for VS Code. Unsurprisingly, it is also one of the most downloaded themes in the Visual Studio Code market. Like other great VS Code themes, One Dark Pro has a default look and multiple color theme variations. This makes it easy to switch between available options and find your perfect match.

The theme quickly highlights the different components of your code with high contrast colors. It also allows customization if desired. It is a perfect fit for night and day conditions. If you have used Atom’s One Dark theme, you will feel right at home since One Dark Pro is based on it.

This theme is for you if you like the way GitHub displays code. GitHub itself created the theme and it is one of the best lightweight themes for VS Code. You get the same subtle colors with your code elements prominently displayed, just like on GitHub.

The theme also includes several color themes to choose from, including dark color themes and light themes. Go for the GitHub theme if you want design consistency between your VS Code editor and GitHub.

As the name suggests, Night Owl was created especially for programmers who like to write code at night. Although it also has a theme dedicated to daytime use, it was mainly created for nighttime use. Instead of using bright colors like One Dark Pro, Night Owl uses muted, but high-contrast colors to make coding easier at night.

The colors of functions, variables and other code elements have been carefully considered. As a result, Night Owl even supports color blind people. Instead of providing many color themes, Night Owl keeps it simple by providing the same color theme with or without italics.

Unlike the other VS Code themes on this list, Shades of Purple stands out by selecting a more vibrant primary color: purple. Although the key elements of the theme are shades of purple, the creator manages to mix different colors to make your code easier to read.

This theme makes your code stand out day or night. Shades of Purple is perfect if you like brighter colors, especially purple!

Yes, you can install VS Code on Ubuntu, and it’s one of the best code editors for Linux. If you like using GTK themes in your Linux distribution, you might want to have a consistent color theme across the board. To achieve this in VS Code, try Linux themes. The theme uses a color design that matches some popular Ubuntu themes like Arc, Adapta, and Ambience for a cohesive look.

Kanagawa is a simple theme inspired by paintings. The simplicity of the theme is what makes it one of the best. Unlike other options, it doesn’t have color themes, which makes it easy to get started. You just install and you’re good to go – no tinkering with figuring out the best color theme to use.

Use themes to make it easier to read and write code

Themes aren’t just for aesthetics. They should also help you eliminate noise when writing code and, most importantly, allow you to read code more easily. Depending on your needs, you can choose any of the above VS Code themes for your daily use. Don’t be afraid to change your themes often; VS Code makes it easy to switch, and they’re all free.

Some themes also provide multiple color palettes, so you can choose the one that suits your environment.

Briana R. Cross