Tokyo Ghoul Creator Sui Ishida Creates New Moon Knight Visual

moon knight is trending these days due to the release of its new episodes every week. But Sui Ishida, the author of tokyo ghoul contributed to this hype by creating a visual of moon knight alongside Ken Kaneki.

tokyo ghoul and moon knight are two different worlds with no connection to each other. Or tokyo ghoul is a Japanese anime based on a manga by Sui Ishida, moon knight is an American television miniseries created by Jeremy Slater. But it would be wrong to say that anime fans can’t be in Marvel and DC, or other TV shows, and that could be another solution as well. In fact, fans love to compare anime characters with superheroes from different universes.

Recently, the creator of tokyo ghoulSui Ishida drew a visual of moon knight. It’s great to see that not just the fans, but the manga creators themselves are hooked on superheroes. Even more interesting is what inspired him to write the two characters from different worlds.

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Marvel Studios Lunar Knight | Official trailer | Disney+

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Marvel Studios Lunar Knight | Official trailer | Disney+





Moon Knight character illustration by Sui Ishida

The artwork is shared by the official Marvel Studios Japan Twitter account. The Tweet reads, ‘Dark Hero’moon knight‘ and ‘tokyo ghoul‘ the main character ‘Kaneki’. Sui Ishida, newly drawn by the professor, the special visual of ‘Those who live in darkness’ has been unveiled”.

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The visual is flawless as you would expect from a creator like Sui Ishida. moon knight is depicted in his white hood with bandages over his face and white eyes. As for Ken Kaneki, he is represented gray hair with red eyes, wearing his black mask.

The reason why Sui Ishida drew moon knight alongside Ken Keneki is clear. Both characters are denizens of darkness and fight for justice. There are many other similarities between the two characters. Both Kenaki and Marc Specter were born helpless, but fate chose them to be a superhero in their own world. At first, they both struggle with their newly acquired powers, but later learn to control them.

Briana R. Cross