The Washington Post Announces Promotions on Visual Forensics, Explainer Video and Video Graphics Teams

Press release | The Washington Post

Announcement from Director of Video Micah Gelman, Director of Video Creation Osman Malik, Senior Video Producer Nicki DeMarco, Executive Producer Thomas LeGro, Executive Producer of Visual Forensics Nadine Ajaka, Senior Producer Jayne Orenstein and senior producer Peter Stevenson:

We’re thrilled to announce some well-deserved promotions on the Visual Investigation, Explainer Video, and Video Graphics teams.

Allie Caren becomes senior video editor. Allie first joined The Post in 2018 as a video editor with GA and the breaking news team. She has covered countless national crises, political moments and extreme weather events. In 2019, she traveled to Pittsburgh to cover the one-year anniversary of the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting. In 2021, Allie began a close relationship with Features, breaking up the Roy family dynamic in HBO’s “Succession” and profiling the cast of “Come From Away” ahead of its return to Broadway. She recently worked with reporters in Seoul and Tokyo for a deep dive into what non-Korean speakers may have missed in “Squid Game.” Prior to joining The Post, Allie was a video producer for Cox Media Group.

Amber Ferguson becomes senior video editor. Amber started at The Post in 2017 as an overnight video editor on Morning Mix, covering breaking news and writing regularly about pop culture. In 2018, Amber moved on to an embedded role on Metro, where she dove into controversy over former Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s blackface, coordinated local video coverage of Black Lives Matter protests and too many forecasts. of Capital Weather Gang to count. Amber recently won a Gracie Award for her Sunday Business cover story on female carers in interdependent relationships. Hailing from Prince George, Amber is also particularly proud of her contribution to this story of black women’s empowerment in the county. Prior to joining The Post, Amber was an associate video editor at HuffPost.

Meg Kelly becomes a senior visual forensics reporter. Meg joined the full-time visual forensics team in 2020, having contributed to a wide range of investigations into police misconduct following the murder of George Floyd. His stories span format and geography, often combining traditional reporting with new technology to produce revealing scoops and hold power to account, including in-depth examinations of the January 6 insurgency and apparent war crimes committed by the Myanmar army. Meg joined The Post in 2017 as a video editor for Fact Checker, helping to expand that team’s focus to include misleading visuals. She co-authored the Fact Checker book “Donald Trump and His Assault on the Truth,” based on the team’s comprehensive database of President Trump’s false and misleading claims. Prior to joining The Post, Meg was a visual producer at NPR.

J. M. Rieger becomes senior video editor. Since joining The Post in 2018, JM has covered three Supreme Court nominations, two impeachment trials and a presidential election. He has produced videos about Joe Biden and Donald Trump’s views on race over 30 years, the Trump administration’s changing statements on family separation, and what Fox News hosts say in private or in public. A master of the mashup, JM regularly strings together archival videos to expose the hypocrisy on both sides of the aisle and among pundits, including how Fox News hosts changed their coronavirus rhetoric at the start of the pandemic. Prior to joining The Post, JM was a video producer at HuffPost and Roll Call.

Briana R. Cross