Tayla Hunter Reveals Cinematic and Performance Visual Set in Her Music Video for ‘What If’ Starring Lee Cole

Tayla Hunter regularly makes her mark in the music industry with a string of hit singles, but it’s the success of her current track “What If” that undeniably gets her noticed. The single has climbed into the top 40 on the kfm charts over the past few weeks and fans will be delighted to see the music video, which features the much-loved lee cole (who also produced the single alongside cosher studios producer ben howard / aka heproducedit ).

Tayla is once again teaming up with director Lucinda Ohlson, who also filmed the brilliant music video for her previous single “Out of Mind.”

The connection between the song’s theme message and the “what if” music video is captured in a cinematic masterpiece by Lucinda who explains how the idea for the video came about: “Tayla and her team sent the song “what if” and when I listened to it, I was immediately drawn to this world of beauty and elegance, even though it was young. As I resonated with the lyrics, there was this pushing and pulling energy that I felt radiating from the story of the song. With that in mind, I scribbled a messy drawing of a scene and two lovers struggling to commit to each other. From there, I then created a world that I thought would suit their dilemma and visualized the play of an artistic metaphor of their entire uphill struggle. It’s a theatrical piece with a modern twist.

The world created in the music video was inspired by the feel of the single. Lucinda took a romantic song that needed a world that would suit her. “the world is completely inspired by modern fantasy and drama; the characters and performances are relatable, and the setup is majestic and inviting,” she explains. “I wanted something to ground this world in reality and using a school room can bring up so many memories for some and I thought this would be the perfect space to work in. I then used the space to create this that I had envisioned in my head, something lush and murky to bring out that mysterious element. Simon Mchlough, who is an amazing art director, collaborated with me on this project and did a wonderful job of executing what was necessary to match the vision with the wardrobe.The dancers were as much props as performers playing these ghosts that could symbolize past relationships or life moments.

Tayla loved working with Lucinda again and loved her vision for the music video. “Working on the set of this music video was such a magical experience. I was surrounded by my friends who all played a role in the video and helped the incredible vision and imagery Lucinda imagined come to life. was my second time working with Lucinda as director on my music video and I know I will never use anyone else to bring my visions to life My team were absolutely wonderful in every aspect of the word and I couldn’t be more grateful to be a part of it.

The video sees a special appearance from Lee Cole, who is no stranger to video shoots when it comes to his own music. This time he was the guest and had to learn some tricky dance moves, but it paid off really well. “Working on the set of ‘what if’ was a blast! Lucinda had a vision and seeing it all come to life was magical. The best part of it all was the relaxed off-set vibe. Everyone was just themselves, which made shooting the video so much easier. Tayla and I were constantly cracking jokes between takes. It was amazing and I was so happy to be a part of it,” says Lee.

Tayla echoes Lee’s sentiments, saying “Lee and I had a great time cracking jokes and playing the piano. It was so intriguing to see him work with a professional dancer, and how the rest of the dance crew fell into place as soon as the cameras started rolling. It was an unforgettable shoot and I’m so grateful to everyone who played a part.

Once filming was done, it was time for the post-production team to add their magic. Lucinda talks more about the cinematography and the editing process, saying “they were both based on old school framing and angles where we shoot and cut based on emotion and performance leading up to the revelation. Keeping it smooth and eloquent with a mix of color tones to fill an enchanted space and hopefully draw the viewer in. Cinematographer stephan hambsch was a pleasure to work with, as well as the ludus post-production to finalize the editing of the film.

Tayla is overwhelmed by the incredible team she once again had the privilege of working with and applauds everyone involved who brought this magical experience to the screen. “When it comes to post-production, nobody beats Ludus. They were absolutely amazing, giving me snippets throughout and working so closely with Lucinda to make sure everyone had the same visions. Once again, thank you to all my friends, dancers and the whole production team for everything, another unforgettable experience! And Tayla is thrilled that everyone is finally seeing this labor of love that turned “What If” into her best music video yet.

Briana R. Cross