Strike Witches’ “Luminous Witches” spin-off release date and key visual

luminous witches is an anime derived from Hit the witches franchise that spanned anime, light novel, and manga entries for over a decade. The luminous witches the anime was supposed to air in 2021, however, it was delayed until this year.

The luminous witches the TV show will feature a group of witches who refuse to fight; instead, they sing to bring joy to those affected by the Neuroi, who gain energy by literally engulfing the earth and leaving many residents in the world of Hit the witches homeless franchisee. the original Hit the witches The franchise was known online for its cute cat girls and over-the-top panty shots, however, it won jury selection in the Animation division of the 12th Japan Media Arts Festival.


The key visual was released for luminous witches, featuring the main characters flying high in the sky with the infamous Striker Units, unique flying machines that hover above the user’s legs. It features the full set of the idol-themed spin-off, and the characters are designed by Humikana Shimada, the same character designer as the original. Hit the witches franchise.

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The vocal talent for luminous witches was also announced, including many first-time voice actors such as Sayaka Tsuzuki, Rino Yoshikita, Kana Konaka, and Rio Mamesaki. Other voice acting talents include Ami Aimoto (LBX Girls, she declared herself a student of a wise man), Mikako Komatsu (Jujutsu Kaisen, High School DxD), Misaki Yuki (Kenmo Michi: Get up)Mai Narumi, Ryou Mamiya and Minako Hosokawa who all voiced minor roles in The greatest demon lord is reborn as a typical person.

Many of the production staff, aside from Humikune, who worked on the Strike the witches franchise have resumed work on the luminous witches TV show. Shinya Murakami is returning as Literature Director and Shouji Saeki has returned to reprise his role as Series Director. However, instead of going with the previous studios that worked with the Hit the witches for their previous anime episodes, studio Shaft (Bakemonogatari, Mars comes like a lion, Nisekoi) will be managing the studio luminous witches.

The voice actors are also the vocalists of the fictional idol group. They previously released a single titled “Flying Skyhigh” as a physical CD in 2020, and their first concert was in February. The group also sang the opening theme “WONDERFUL WORLD” and the ending theme “Watashi to Minna no Uta”. The songs of the two are released as singles on August 24.

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luminous witches premiering in Japan on July 3, 2022.

Source: Anime News Network

Briana R. Cross