SiR Drops New Track & Visual “Life Is Good” Featuring Scribz Riley – New Album Coming Soon

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R&B Powerhouse Sir releases his new single “Life is Beautiful” with Scribz Riley Going through Best Dawg Entertainment/RCA Records Click here to listen. Realized by James Mackelthe track’s visual shows the juxtaposition of life being beautiful, but at the same time things don’t quite go to plan and fall apart – you have to take the good with the bad. The drop follows the release of his sweet R&B ballad and video for “Satisfaction.” Both tracks will soon be on SiR’s next album.

Watch “Life Is Good” with Scribz Riley HERE.

Speaking on his latest release, SiR shares: “‘Life if Good’ represents how blessed you can be despite the hardships we sometimes face. No matter what life’s trials are, the detours always lead us to learn a greater lesson.

With the ever-changing and ever-changing R&B landscape, SiR has remained a mainstay in the space since his first draft. Seven Sundays released in 2015, followed by its HIS EP series in 2016 and 2017 —HIS and HER TOO this garnered much acclaim and led to her second breakout release November in 2018. He continued his momentum with the release of his critically acclaimed classic In pursuit of summer the next year in 2019 which included singles “Hair Down” with Kendrick Lamar,John Redcorn” and “You can’t save me.” During the pandemic, SiR released a unique single “Weed Rapper” and his acclaimed rendition of “Footsteps in the Dark Pts. by the Isley Brothers. 1 & 2.” Now, with the release of “Satisfaction” and “Life Is Good,” SiR is ready to enter the next phase of his budding career.

Check out “Life Is Good” with Scribz Riley and stay tuned for more from SiR to come.

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Unique work “Life is beautiful”

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