SeeMeNot unveils the hypnotic visual of “Borderline”

The famous Jamaican-Canadian artist unveils her latest effort accompanied by a hypnotic visual, directed by Cor.Ece.

Infectiously upbeat from the get-go, SeeMeNot instantly immerses us in high-energy percussion drums and heart-pounding beats in their brand new single, “Borderline.” With a constantly shifting flow and ethereal vocals, SeeMeNot instantly forges a dystopia in which its soundscape takes full control – leaving us utterly bewildered but utterly succumbed to its irresistible groove. This overwhelming feeling is only exaggerated in the hypnotic visual of the track, set in the middle of an arid desert. As a man is seen fleeing from an unknown presence, a group of dancers are absorbed in the tune of the track. Eventually resigning to SeeMeNot’s lure, the man finally submits to the music – within which his worries suddenly melt away.

Speaking on the track, SeeMeNot explains, “As I’ve done with a lot of my songs, I thought about the visuals first. In my head, I had the music video before the words came to me for the lyrics… It was always about two entities playing their before and their after; one in their state of loss, insecurity, space of unanswered questions and confusion. The other: a strong feminine presence with a nurturing heart, being the guiding spirit and light saying “it’s going to be okay”. I never thought this would be possible until I worked with Cor.Ece, I felt like he just popped into my head and then put it on screen. This project is truly a dream come true thanks to everyone who made it possible.

To stream the track and music video ahead of its official release tomorrow, scroll below now…

Briana R. Cross