Saturn Visual Solutions will present SaturnSelect, the new digital signage innovation at the Retail Technology Show

Saturn Visual Solutions will unveil a new application that makes digital signage a more responsive and efficient tool for sales reps. The product will be launched at Retail Technology Show 22, the company says. Saturn is a digital signage consultancy based in Manchester, UK. The company offers a range of complementary design, build, content and support services. The new app, called SaturnSelect, allows a company’s sales staff to use a tablet or mobile phone to interrupt scheduled content on the company’s screen. They can select and view the content they want, then return to scheduled content.

Businesses can also simply curate and upload content that their staff might want to view on demand on the SaturnSelect app. Staff then download the app to an internet-connected device. They can then choose the content they want from a list displayed on the app and showcase it on the digital signage screens.

Improve the use of digital signage

Chris Welsh, CEO of Saturn Visual Solutions, believes that on-screen content publishing methods have limited businesses’ use of digital signage. He attributes this to selecting and planning content ahead of time, which doesn’t allow companies to be responsive.

Welsh continues, “SaturnSelect now allows sales professionals to display videos, images, graphs, charts and diagrams on screens based on the conversation they are having at the time. If a customer asks a question, sales staff can instantly switch content on screen to display information that will help answer that question, which was not possible in the past without touchscreen digital displays. »

With the SaturnSelect app, users can simultaneously control an unlimited number of displays. They can also use it with any size or format of digital signage screen. It also works with outdoor screens, where the screens are housed in secure enclosures.

Welsh adds, “We don’t know of anything else on the market like SaturnSelect, which was developed during lockdown. The Retail Technology Show will be the first time we demonstrate this publicly. We aim to add more features to it in the coming months. For example, allowing people to choose both the content and the screen they want to see it on, so we’ll be eager to see what response it gets from retailers visiting the show.

Saturn will also showcase new features added to its content management software platform, SaturnVision. This allows companies to display live social media content on screen and a new technical product configurator. It will share booth (Stand 6B28) with digital signage manufacturer Vestel at the Retail Technology Show. Retail Technology is taking place in London, UK on April 26-27, 2022.

Briana R. Cross