Samuel Oakford joins The Post as a video reporter for Visual Forensics


Announcement from Video Director Micah Gelman and Visual Forensics Executive Producer Nadine Ajaka:

We are thrilled to announce that Samuel Oakford is joining The Washington Post as a Video Journalist for the Visual Forensics team, bringing his deep skills in open source intelligence research and his keen eye for visual storytelling to this innovative type of coverage. .

Prior to joining The Post, Samuel worked as a senior reporter at Storyful. There he partnered with outlets such as The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, producing visual investigations into the Syrian Civil War, the January 6 insurgency, and the war in Ukraine, among other major stories.

Samuel has spent over half a decade engaged in forensic work, with a focus on conflict, extremism and the environment. At the conflict monitor Airwars, he investigated the civilian toll of US coalition and Russian air campaigns in the Middle East. With Bellingcat’s Yemen Project, he conducted open-source investigations into deadly airstrikes in that country.

Earlier in his career, Samuel worked as a correspondent for Vice News, reporting to the United Nations. His feature film on the impacts of the war in Yemen won him the United Nations Foundation’s Gold Medal for Humanitarian Coverage. He was also captain of the football team that has long suffered from the UN press.

A New Yorker, Samuel earned a bachelor’s degree in geography from Binghamton University. He will be based in New York. It starts July 18.

Briana R. Cross