Raspberry Pi ‘Slimshader’ adds real-time visual effects to your music

Custom synth projects aren’t new to the Raspberry pie community but this open-source shader PCB known as slimshader is definitely a breath of fresh air in the world of DIY synths! Created by creator and developer Erik Oostveen, this project aims to provide custom visual effects to music in real time.

According to Oostveen, Slimshader is an open-source GlslViewer-based PCB designed to display shader files with a Eurorack design. It offers both analog and HDMI output for video, allowing users to add visual effects to music in real time. If you are new to shaders, they are graphical simulations that respond to audio input.

The Slimshader PCB was designed from the ground up by Oostveen and features a graphic design printed on top. It has a series of available inputs that can be used to program custom visual effects. On the back is a Raspberry Pi that powers the project. Slimshader has been tested and confirmed to work with Raspberry Pi Zero W, Raspberry Pi Zero 2W, and Raspberry Pi 3B.

A custom image file has been created just for the Slimshader which can be downloaded from a Google Drive link available on the Oostveen website. Shaders can be displayed and modulated using audio input, potentiometers, low frequency oscillators, voltage control and even via MIDI. Oostveen recommends glslsandbox for finding shaders to experiment with created by various artists who share their work online.

Oostveen is dedicated to creating original designs for a myriad of musical uses, often developing proprietary electronics for music production. The Slimshader project is one of many creations he has developed that provide tools and effects to enhance the live performance experience.

If you want to know more about this Raspberry Pi project, check out the official Slimshader project page on the Oostveen website. You can also explore the GitHub page for more details and take a closer look at the project in detail. Be sure to follow Erik Oostveen for more interesting projects and updates on this one.

Briana R. Cross