Play It Cool, Guys Reveals New Visual Trailer And PV For Shun Futami

New character visual and PV trailer of Shun Futami (voiced by Kouki Uchiyama) was revealed from the upcoming anime series Play it cool, guys. The new 20-second trailer showcases Uchiyama’s character and personality in the series.

Play it cool, guys will be premiere in October 2022 and run two classes in 15-minute segments. A previous character visual and trailer for Hayate Ichikura was released in June 2022. The anime series will follow the daily life of a group of cool but very clumsy boys.

In addition to Uchiyama as Shun Futami, the voice cast of Play it cool, guys understand Chiaki Kobayashi as Hayate Ichikura, Yuuichiro Umehara as Takayuki Mima and Shouya Chiba as Souma Shiki.

The main production team consists of Chiaki Kon (Eternal Sailor Moon) as a director, Makoto Uezu (Rumble Garandoll) as the composer of the series, Eri Taguchi (Boruto animation director) as character designer and chief animation director, and Masato Nakayama (7/22) as a music composer. Pierrot studio is in charge of producing the animation.

The original manga series of Kokoné Nata was first released on February 23, 2019 and has released four tankoubon volumes in total so far. It is currently serialized on Square Enix’s Gangan Pixiv under the Gangan Comics Pixiv label. The series originated from a webcomic posted on Nata’s Twitter account on May 11, 2018.

©那多ここね/SQUARE ENIX・「クールドジ男子」製作委員会

Yen Press publishes the manga series in English. He describes the synopsis as follows:

They’re so goofy, they’re cool.

Enter: a group of cool guys who seem to have that unattainable swag. But look closer and you’ll find a bunch of dorks who got the act. So sit down, grab some popcorn, and watch these goofy dudes try to look cool all day, every day.

Source: Play it cool, guys Official Twitter

Briana R. Cross