OpenLab Future Pass and a highly curated program of AV NFTs

OpenLab, an innovative Ibiza-based music and arts platform renowned for discovering new artists, has announced its first initiative with TokenTraxx as part of an ambitious cross-platform creative collaboration.

On July 29, a very limited number of OpenLab Future passes will be made available through TokenTraxx. The OpenLab Future Pass will offer holders a series of exciting benefits, including VIP access to events and exclusive online content.

As the first of TokenTraxx’s partner curators, OpenLab will also provide regular drops of highly selected AV collectibles created through collaborations with some of the world’s most exciting AV artists.

OpenLab Future Pass NFT

The OpenLab Future Pass NFT allows exclusive early access to NFT AV collectibles to be released later this year.

Limited to 300 (50 withheld to support artists) and at a cost of 0.3 ETH – benefits for OpenLab Future Pass holders include:

● VIP entry to OpenLab and partner music and arts events in Ibiza (including intimate sessions at OpenLab Hangar 8289), London and other destinationspage1image28539712

● Exclusive access to Future Pass content only, including music mixes, live streams, videos and editorial content

● Early access to OpenLab’s cutting-edge and very limited audiovisual music and art NFT collections, which decrease quarterly

● Quarterly 1/300 editions of music and art collectibles that will form an OpenLab Future collection

“As a platform focused on selecting the best emerging artists, we are extremely excited to create opportunities for our creative community in the creation and distribution of next-gen collectibles,” said Quentin Chambers. , CEO of OpenLab.

OpenLab has a reputation for working with artists at the forefront of the contemporary art scene. Limited edition prints by Brazil-based French photographer Elsa Leydier (winner of the 2019 Ruinart Paris Photo Prize and the 2019 Dior Young Talent Photography Prize), New York photographer Charlie Rubin and Japanese artist Hanae Utamura are among the stellar names who have brought their award winning art to the OpenLab community.

OpenLab has been hosting events in Ibiza since 2016, with residencies and regulars from Heart (now Club Chinoise), Elements, Sankeys (now Octan), Destino and Space (now HI).

From summer 2022, OpenLab will host nights and rooms at NUI Ibiza, Pacha for Saga and Akasha, as well as a number of beachside hangouts in Ibiza’s coolest spots. OpenLab also hosts small, intimate sets streamed live from their Hangar 8289 base where Future Pass holders can see some of the world’s most exciting artists perform up close.

From autumn 2022, OpenLab will expand its in-person music and arts events to London, with a series of intimate evenings at one of London’s most exclusive venues. These will coincide with the launch of OpenLab’s “New Mycelium Network” NFT collection at Koko London and Hangar 8289 Ibiza.

TokenTraxx’s mission is to be at the center of a new independent economy of music and art creators by providing an NFT-driven platform that financially supports and benefits the entire arts community. Launched this year, musicians Max Rad, Jay10 and digital artist Volstrate have already deposited NFTs on TokenTraxx. More recently, cult multimedia artist and award-winning musician Rat Boy released his original creation, DYSTOPIA WORLD, where bizarre yet captivating characters, items and emblems are paired with new tracks and packaged as NFTs.

For more information, sign up for the OpenLab Future Pass mailing list here

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