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It was their most personal record to date, but despite their deep sense of attachment to the last farewelland the resources at their disposal, ODESZA simply couldn’t find the aesthetic to pull it all together.

“When we were writing the new record, we found ourselves looking for images that would match the tone and energy of the themes we were trying to convey,” they tweeted yesterday, August 8. “And honestly, nothing seemed to fit.”

Then the duo found a visual artist named Alexander, a self-proclaimed “photo enthusiast” who had just moved from Belarus to New York. Although he may not have had great notoriety, Alexander had a particular style and vision – and ODESZA was intrigued.

Incidentally, it was his talent for bending light waves, blurring boundaries and blurring context in his images that reminded the duo of the distant memories they themselves were revisiting at the time.

“Similar to how we revisit our home videos, his footage felt like a faded memory,” ODESZA said of Alexander’s work in a follow-up tweet.

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A photo by Wrapped.nil commissioned by ODESZA for their fourth studio album, “The Last Goodbye”.

Then as the last farewell were meeting, ODESZA found themselves on a plane to visit Alexander. The duo said they worked with him throughout the weekend, taking photos across town and laying the visual groundwork for their fourth studio album.


A photo by Wrapped.nil commissioned by ODESZA for their fourth studio album, “The Last Goodbye”.

After the LP was released, it was Alexander who flew, this time to Seattle to see ODESZA perform on their resounding comeback.

It’s not every day you see artists at the top of their game giving thanks to their inspirations, but that’s precisely what the duo had to say as they shared the story: “Thank you Alex, for everything,” ODESZA said in closing.


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Briana R. Cross