New Wester Gallery Features Talented Visual Artist

A new independent gallery in Newcastle will host Northern Rivers visual artist Jacob Boylan this weekend.

Wester, which recently opened its doors in Wood Street, offers a professional space for local, national or international, recognized and emerging multidisciplinary creatives.

“We want to become a vital contributor to the rich cultural life of Newcastle and the Hunter,” said Justin Lee.

“We encompass regular solo, group and curated exhibitions, as well as independent projects.

“So far we have a full book for the remainder of 2022 and through to the end of 2023.”

Boylan’s A Bit On opens Friday, August 5 between 6 and 8 p.m.

“We look forward to this exhibit,” said Lees.

“Jacob’s primary practice is collecting source materials from used books and using found imagery through the vast capabilities of screen printing to mix and match with collage, installation and ink transfer.

“Through the use of visual puns and the recontextualization of existing imagery, he pushes us to look at mundane imagery in a new light.

“Recycling imagery is important to Jacob’s practice.

“In a world saturated with images, he sees this as a reduction in what he calls ‘visual pollution’.

“With a deadpan, ironic style and limited color palette, his work explores concepts of Australian identity, often using references to sport, class, colonialism, alcoholism, pub culture and gambling.”

Lees said A Bit On was an amalgamation of ideas affected by events experienced in Australia over the past year.

“It’s a combination of a few different schools of thought, a collection of little series,” he explained.

“The catastrophic flooding on the east coast, particularly in the northern rivers, plays a major role in the works included in this exhibition.

“The lino prints are made with real pieces of lino taken from the floors of a heritage home in Murwillumbah.

“All the images and most of the materials from this exhibition have been found.

“They act as a direct and real reflection of who we are as a nation,” he added.

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