New Dacia visual identity. Chapter 3: Vehicles

– Dacia’s new visual identity is deployed across the entire range
– New Dacia Link emblem, new logotype, new colors… but still the same essential design
– A switch that will affect the entire range, with orders opening on June 16 and first deliveries at the end of the year

After the change of letterheads and communication documents (mid-2021), then of the dealer networks which started at the beginning of 2022, it is now up to the vehicles to adopt the new brand identity. Beyond a simple design change, the new identity embodies commitments for the future and is based on the strong values ​​that make Dacia’s success story.

With opening of orders from June 16ethe first deliveries will take place in the last quarter of 2022.


A strong feature of the brand’s new identity, the Link Dacia The emblem is present in the front and center in the middle of the grille, itself redesigned and now in white.

Like links in a chain, the interlocking ‘D’s and ‘C’s in minimalist lines form an all-new emblem that reflects the rugged simplicity of the new design. Link Dacia is an easily recognizable brand image, visible from near and far. The emblem also appears in the center of each hubcap.

Another visible change is the addition of the logotype on the rear face and the steering wheel of each vehicle. Minimalist in design, the lettering has been refined to retain only the essentials, sufficient to discern each letter.

Other changes that have been made to the design include the arrival of Monolith Gray on the roof rails, front and rear skid plates and side mirrors on the Sandero Stepway and Duster.

”The reveal of the entire Dacia range with the new visual identity marks the third and final chapter of the deployment strategy started more than a year ago. This new universe is in line with our values ​​- simple, robust, authentic – in a more assertive and modern way. This deployment is a visible new impetus for Dacia in achieving its ambitions.

Denis Le Vot, Dacia CEO


In just a few months, Dacia has renewed its range with two newcomers to the family: the 100% electric Spring and the Jogger, the versatile C-segment wagon.

The deployment of the new brand visual marks the culmination of the brand’s renewal. Dacia has indeed changed everything but remains faithful to the essence of the brand.

This essence means making vehicles with no frills, just the bare essentials to meet our customers’ expectations. Dacia vehicles are above all robust and reliable, they are truly versatile and can be used in many areas, whether it’s getting around town or getting away to the fresh air for a weekend. . The brand new color Lichen Khaki is an earthy shade close to that of natural moss, makes its entrance and underlines Dacia’s close link with nature.

Dacia is there to shake things up, to rethink the automobile, in particular by striving to defend intelligent consumption practices. This will result in the gradual abandonment of certain materials such as decorative chrome, but also, as has been the case for several years, of all leathers of animal origin.

Dacia will gradually materialize one of the commitments made by the Renault Group during its General Meeting of 23rd April 2021. Thus, from 2023, Dacia will be the first Group brand to have capped all its vehicles at a top speed of 180 km/h.

”The deployment of the new visual identity across the entire Dacia range is a great exercise in coordination. Thanks to the contribution of all trades, Dacia now has a brand skin but still the same DNA. This change is an opportunity to show that our way of driving can still be as essential as it is attractive.

Lionel Jaillet, Dacia Product Performance Director

The streamlined logo is highly symbolic of the brand’s focus on getting back to basics. Likewise, the Link Dacia emblem inspired by the world of mechanics, evokes simplicity and robustness. It also bears the symbolism of the link, a strong element of the Dacia community.

David Durand, Dacia design director

Dacia evolves with the times, as does its brand image. The fundamentals of each product are also being strengthened to meet the very real expectations of our customers. Versatile and robust vehicles, built for the great outdoors, with ingenious equipment and a pragmatic approach to affordable and environmentally friendly motoring. The new visual identity conveys these messages and makes the brand even more attractive. Today is a new start for Dacia!

Lionel Jaillet, Dacia Product Performance Director


Probably a first in the automotive industry, the new visual identity is deployed simultaneously across the entire Dacia range. From June 16ecustomers will be able to order vehicles with the new visual identity.

To see the new look in the flesh, customers will have to wait for the Paris Motor Show in October 2022, and the first vehicles will arrive in Dacia dealerships in the following days.

About Dacia

Founded in 1968 then relaunched by the Renault Group from 2004 throughout Europe and the Mediterranean countries, Dacia has always offered cars at the best value for money, constantly redefining the essentials.

Innovative, Dacia offers cars that are simple, versatile, reliable and in tune with customers’ lifestyles.

Dacia models have become a benchmark on the market: Logan, the new car at second-hand prices; Sandero, the best-selling commercial car in Europe every year since 2017; Duster, the best-selling SUV to European individuals since 2018; Spring, the champion of accessible electric mobility; Jogger, the versatile C-segment family car.

Present in 44 countries, Dacia has sold more than 7.5 million vehicles since 2004.

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