‘Moon Knight’: How the Visual Development Team Brought Moon Knight and Mr. Knight to Life

Moon Knight and Mr. Knight are just different sides of the same coin. Therefore, even though they share many similarities, they are visually very different. So how do you create two different avatars of Khonshu?

For Marvel Studios moon knight, the visual development team — Ryan MeinerdingHead of Visual Development, and Rodney Fuentebella, Visual Development Supervisor for Moon Knight – worked hard to create two distinctive looks for Marc Spector and Steven Grant. What would be the best contrast, given that they are both dressed in white?

Turning to the comics for inspiration, the team worked to make Moon Knight, “feel like he’s a warrior, or tactile or mixing those two things together. Something that feels Egyptian and something which seems ancient. However, it felt too tactile at times, so its gaze then shifted to something “that would allow us to get something to bring Super Hero and Egyptian together.”

Mr. Knight, as viewers know, creates something based on what he thinks his costume is. But he can’t just be a person in an all-white suit and still has to feel like a hero – and have a duality to him as well.

See how the two characters came to life (and work together) in the video above!

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Briana R. Cross