Moon Knight Director Shares Cinematic Legends That Influenced His Visual Style

The more obvious comparisons aside, Diab says he loves “grounded cinema,” especially the works of Mexican and Iranian filmmakers who he says were integral to shaping his visual style. Asked about the specifics, Diab further explained:

“I’m just going to talk about modern people, like Asghar Farhadi. I love Asghar Farhadi. [Abbas] Kiarostami is like a legend. These are the Iranians. And certainly the trio: [Alejandro Gonzalez] Inarritu, [Alfonso] Cuaron, and [Guillermo] delToro. I love these three. For modern cinema, I think they’re all legends.”

It’s hugely exciting to hear that global cinema has an influence on a landmark project like this, because so many superhero projects these days seem to only draw inspiration from each other. Diab’s well of cinematic influences clearly runs deep and extends beyond the boundaries of the American superhero subgenre. Farhadi’s best-known works, like “A Hero” and the Oscar-winning drama “A Separation,” delve deeper into their characters to reveal nuanced emotions. Both he and “Close-Up” filmmaker Kiarostami present works rooted in their cultural and political moments, all of which manifest themselves through their striking visuals. Meanwhile, the trio of Mexican filmmakers Diab Reference each present deep and dynamic visions of Mexico and beyond.

This all bodes well for “Moon Knight,” which is blessed to be one of the most forward-thinking projects to come out of the modern Marvel-centric studio system in recent years. Diab also recently spoke about trying to untangle decades of exotic depictions of Egypt and making “Moon Knight as” authentic as possible. [while] in the realm of fantasy.

“Moon Knight” premieres on Disney+ on March 30, 2022.

Briana R. Cross