Micro Focus Accelerates Cloud and Modernization Strategies with Visual COBOL 8.0 and Enterprise Suite 8.0

New releases enable continuous modernization of core business systems

Micro Focus (LSE: MCRO; NYSE: MFGP) today announced the general availability of Visual COBOL 8.0 and Enterprise Suite 8.0, building on four decades of delivering flexible solutions for modernizing applications, processes, and infrastructure for mission-critical and mission-critical applications. These enhanced solutions enable IT teams to modernize COBOL and mainframe applications for cloud deployment as organizations seek new, cost-effective ways to implement their IT strategies through ongoing modernization and digital transformation initiatives.

Micro Focus Visual COBOL 8.0 and Enterprise Suite 8.0 provide a proven way to increase the value of your existing applications and increase your competitive differentiation by leveraging the capabilities of cloud, mainframe or distributed platforms. “Over the past four decades, Micro Focus has been a leader in modernizing COBOL and mainframe systems through its patented and innovative technology, efficiency and expertise, and Visual COBOL 8.0 and Enterprise Suite 8.0 continue this pedigree,” said said Neil Fowler, General Manager and Vice President of Application Modernization and Connectivity at Micro Focus. “These new releases of our proven solutions provide many options for organizations to modernize their long-standing core business systems for the cloud and ensure their continued value for many years to come.”

For organizations working with COBOL applications deployed on distributed platforms, Visual COBOL 8.0 offers:

  • Industry-leading COBOL and mainframe application development tools built into Microsoft Visual Studio 2022, Visual Studio Code, and Eclipse, including new support for Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)-based development.
  • Modernization of COBOL applications using .NET 6.0 and deployment in Windows and Linux environments.
  • New data modernization tools enable COBOL and mainframe applications to quickly adopt modern access to relational databases and transition to scalable cloud architectures with little effort and risk.
  • Cloud trials available on the most popular cloud provider marketplaces: Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud.

For organizations working with Mainframe-based applications, Enterprise Suite 8.0 builds on the functionality provided with Visual COBOL 8.0 to also provide:

  • A Linux-based version of Enterprise Developer for Eclipse that enables development and deployment pipelines on all supported x86 Linux distributions.
  • New host compatibility options for PostgreSQL to support faster deployment of Db2 data on PostgreSQL and AWS Aurora providing additional choices of target database platforms.
  • Integrated host access for the TN3270 Cloud Emulator included with Enterprise Developer and Server products to provide a secure, browser-based, zero-footprint client.

Whichever route you choose, both product versions offer unique features for COBOL and mainframe modernization, including enhanced customer support for deploying applications in containers and the cloud. “Containerization is not a concept that many mainframe developers have dealt with in the past, but it is an extremely powerful concept and Micro Focus Enterprise Server is designed to containerize mainframe workloads for our customers on COBOL,” said said Rob Anderson, vice president of Marketing and Product for Application Modernization, Advanced.

These latest releases also provide Micro Focus customers with the ability to stay abreast of modern technology trends while protecting valuable intellectual property within core business systems. CGI is a Micro Focus customer and Independent Software Vendor (ISV) reaping the benefits of COBOL modernization. “By moving to Visual COBOL, we feel like we’re extending the horizon of our business applications for years to come,” said Carl Gerhardsson, director of development at CGI.

Today’s release of Visual COBOL 8.0 and Enterprise Suite 8.0 builds on the recent general availability announcement of the AWS Mainframe Modernization service, confirming Micro Focus’ commitment to customers and their modernization journey. The recent Micro Focus COBOL Survey shows that the COBOL application footprint of the market continues to grow and the cloud remains the number one digital engine for those working with COBOL-based systems. Additionally, to support this strategy, with modernization being the preferred path for 72% of respondents, and the majority of survey respondents said they intend to modernize their applications and support cloud computing. end of the year.

As more enterprises embrace the cloud as their future application platform, Micro Focus continues to enhance its set of modernization tools to support this customer journey. A Micro Focus customer, Jury System Incorporated, is already experiencing success in the cloud. “Choosing COBOL all those years ago has really paid off for us. In fact, without it, we wouldn’t have a web-based or cloud-hosted version. I wonder if we would even have a business,” said Mark Schienbein, president and CEO of Jury System.

Successful modernization of the enterprise core system requires a flexible and adaptive strategy aimed at improving results and accelerating return on investment. With Micro Focus’ Modernization Maturity Model, IT managers can quickly align their current IT assets with their future business strategy, including cloud, while striking the right balance between cost, risk, and speed.

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