Love Flops Anime Announced For 2022, Trailer And Visual Released

original anime, love flops was announced for 2022, along with a trailer and key visual. The official website was also launched.

love flops animated trailer

The video features the anime’s main cast:

  • Ryota Osaka as Asahi Kashiwagi
  • Miku Ito as Aoi Izumisawa
  • Ayana Taketatsu as Amelie Irving
  • Rie Takahashi as Ilya Ilyukhin
  • Hisako Kanemoto as Bai Mongfa
  • Marika Kouno as Karin Istel
  • Jun Fukuyama as Yoshio Ijuin
love flops anime character information

The anime is a romantic comedy series, which involves 5 heroines, who all attend or work at the same high school. Asahi Kashiwagi and his friend Yoshio Ijuin meet Aoi Izumisawa, as well as three transfer students – Amelia Irving, Ilya Ilyukhin and Karin Istel. A young teacher named Bai Mongfa is also involved in their interactions. The main visual characteristics of girls:

love flops anime key visual

Even though casting information has been revealed, there’s still no indication as to which studio will be handling the animation.

Source: Official site and Official Twitter
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