Laraib Atta, Pakistani visual artist, Oscar and BAFTA nominee

Pakistani visual artist Laraib Atta nominated for Oscars and BAFTAs

Laraib Atta, visual artist and daughter of legendary musician Attaullah Esakhelvi, celebrates his team’s Oscar and BAFTA nominations for their work on the latest James Bond film No time to die.

Atta announced on his social media that his visual effects team had been awarded in the category “Best Visual Effects” at the Oscars and BAFTAs for the last Bind movie.

“We’ve been nominated for #bafta and #oscar for No Time to Die – and here are the visual effects breakdowns. Cheers to everyone at #dneg, it’s been an honor to be part of my favorite 007 franchise,” he said. she writes on her Facebook page.

Laraib Atta, Pakistani visual artist, Oscar and BAFTA nominee

In one Youtube video, Laraib thanked everyone for the support she has been receiving since the nominations.

“I would like to thank you for all the kind messages and support I received for the Oscar, BAFTA nomination for visual effects on No time to die”, she says.

“It’s such a great honor to work alongside great minds. Many thanks to my brother Sanwal and my mother for always being the driving force and supporting me throughout,” added Laraib.

Laraib started working in Hollywood at the age of 19 and took part in major projects such as Godzilla, X-Men: Days of Future Pastand Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

Briana R. Cross