Kramer Announces New Video Wall Drivers for Intuitive and Critical AV Experiences

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Kramer’s VW-9 and VW-16 drivers help simplify large-scale video wall deployment by eliminating the need for an individual unit for each display or complex AV network infrastructure.

Israel-based AV experience company Kramer has released its VW-9 and VW-16 video wall drivers. The new devices are considered all-inclusive video wall processors. According to Kramer, the VW-9 and VW-16 drivers simplify large-scale video wall deployment by eliminating the need for an individual unit for each display or a complex AV network infrastructure. This dramatically lowers the total cost of ownership for large video wall deployments. Thus, this makes the speakers ideal for a wide range of applications in various markets. Some of them include the corporate, hospitality, transportation, entertainment, government, and military sectors.

The company claims to have designed the VW-9 driver for 3X3 video walls. It has 10 outputs, making it flexible and ideal for wall shapes of up to 10 identical screens, such as 5X2 setups. The VW-16, with 16 outputs, drives huge video walls of up to 16 displays. Both drivers integrate 4K60 4:4:4 video processing and support audio input switching and de-embedding. Integrators can install them in any square, rectangular or elongated configuration. In addition, they are suitable for various applications. These range from signage at airports to shopping malls, command and control centers and more.

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The drivers also come with redundant power supplies for uninterrupted operation. Thus, according to Kramer, the units are exceptionally robust. In addition, they meet strict security requirements. These include critical applications such as crisis rooms, air and ground traffic control centers, security command and control, and medical facilities.

They also process video without compression, ensuring high image quality with crisp, clear pixel clarity. Additionally, zero latency (sub-millisecond) enables real-time video display. This makes it ideal for applications that are ultra sensitive to time shifts, such as live presentations and events.

Additional Features

The VW-9 and VW-16 drivers make setting up and managing video walls quick and easy. They also come with a choice of Ethernet and RS-232/422/485 control interfaces, a unique and intuitive front panel on the processing unit, and various video and audio processing options. According to a statement, the video wall processor is therefore easy for anyone to configure and manage. It also requires no training.

“As the market evolves, Kramer continues to be a leader in creating innovative products and solutions that meet the needs of our customers in all markets,” comments Shai Yaniv, vice president of products and solutions at Kramer. “Our VW-9 and VW-16 video wall drivers are designed to provide impressive and intuitive solutions for large-scale video walls of various shapes and sizes that are simple and economical to install and operate. Adding the drivers to our product portfolio completes Kramer’s video wall ecosystem by providing a premium engine for large-scale installations and continues to enhance the customer’s audio-visual experience.

The VW-9 and VW-16 will be in stock and shipping worldwide at the end of the second quarter, Kramer said.

Briana R. Cross