Katalon Announces General Availability of Visual Testing

ATLANTA, July 19 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Katalon, Inc., the provider of the leading AI-augmented test automation platform, today announced the general availability of Katalon Visual Testing. The software testing tool verifies that user interfaces display correctly for everyone, ensuring that every element of a web page or mobile app works flawlessly and appears in the correct shape, size, and position, regardless of be the device and the browser. Out of the box, Katalon Visual Testing works without the need to use third-party tools or configurations to implement visual testing into job pipelines for test creation, execution, and review.

In addition to the standard pixel-by-pixel difference comparison approach, Katalon Visual Testing enables software quality teams to automatically analyze, differentiate, and identify valid UI visual differences from minor visual infractions. thanks to two AI image comparison options:

Layout based tests
Instead of identifying where individual pixels are not the same, layout-based AI visual tests analyze the layout of images and visual objects against each other and compare these relative differences between reference results and test results. When an image, object, or line of text differs by only a few pixels or lines, a standard visual test reports the difference as a fail. In contrast, Katalon AI Visual Testing can intelligently infer when there is only a minor difference in layout to help testers efficiently decide whether quality tests pass or fail, greatly reducing false positives and unnecessary manual revisions.

Content-based testing
This is the best option when visual quality is judged by completeness and accuracy of textual content rather than layout and existence of images and UI elements. Regardless of font, layout, color, or changes to its background, content-based AI visual testing prioritizes examining and validating text in a user interface. Similar to layout-based comparison, this test also increases the efficiency of content testing and reduces manual validation efforts by hundreds or even thousands of hours per year.

“Automated functional tests are useful for detecting feature changes resulting from recent code changes, but they cannot detect visual changes to the application such as layout, colors, fonts, and misplacement of elements,” said Coty Rosenblath, CTO of Katalon. “Human-based visual regression testing is possible, but it is error-prone and requires considerable effort given the large number of pages and elements that modern applications contain. With human-based visual testing Katalon’s AI, quality testing efforts are faster and more accurate, reducing tester hours by 99% compared to manual testing.”

“To ensure a great digital user experience, QualityKiosk has helped many organizations adopt a multi-faceted approach to testing coverage that includes automating traditional end-to-end testing as well as visual testing to confirm accuracy of coverage. layout and content,” said Praveen Puram, Quality Engineering Delivery Manager at QualityKiosk NA, Katalon’s 2021 Solution Partner of the Year. “We look forward to using Katalon’s AI-powered Visual Testing, as we believe that Katalon’s integration of Visual Testing into their quality platform will simplify and accelerate the adoption journey of test automation. our customers’ tests, and will result in higher quality systems and an improved customer experience.”

About Katalon
Katalon is a comprehensive, all-in-one quality management platform that empowers QA, DevOps, and software teams of all sizes to deliver world-class customer experiences faster, easier, and more efficiently. . The platform accelerates end-to-end software development by powering authoring, execution, and test automation insights into any application or environment, and flexibly integrates into the architecture and team processes. Founded in 2015, Katalon is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information about Katalon, please visit katalon.com.

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