Joseimuke’s Visual Novel ‘Haunted Obachestra’ Reveals Treis Meidoh, a Hellhound Boy Night Owl

Moonchime Studios has shared a new character profile for Haunted Obachestra. Their Twitter account revealed information about the third member of the Hellhound triplets, Treis Meidoh. The joseimuke visual novel developed by Poni-Pachet is set to have a Kickstarter launching in July 2022. More details on this crowdfunding campaign will be shared at a later date.

We already knew the vampire Exnaz von Enterstein, the incubus Merry Christhrnova, the werewolf Gioh von Wolfhart, the unicorn Fumiyomi Hitokado, the first boy hellhound Henas Meidoh and the second boy hellbound Dhyos Meidoh.

We now take a closer look at another of Henas’ brothers, Treis. Keep in mind that all three are voiced by Shingaki Tarusuke, whose other works include Kaname Date in AI: the Somnium files, End Euclase in steam prisonand Watase Kasasagi in double root.

They were once a single entity, an Underworld watchdog, but they split into three to play music together after wandering into a Japanese club. Treis is in charge of playing bass and he works on vocals like his other brothers. Personality-wise, Treis may seem like a lazy, unmotivated person during the day, but at night he instantly comes alive. His profile just screams night owl.

It is said that back in the Underworld, he enjoyed partying so much that someone ended up reporting him as a minor, thus demoting him to the rank of receptionist and forcing him to abstain from drinking alcohol. To him, Henas and Dhyos are his precious brothers, and he is responsible for cleaning their house. He also has a sweet tooth, so the first place he goes is the dessert table.

If you want to get a glimpse of Treis’s voice, you can check out the official Japanese site of Poni-Pachet’s multimedia project which offers some excerpts of his voice. If you want to check out the musical performance of the Hellhound triplets, check out this video from their character album:

We’ll keep you posted when Moonchime and Poni-Pachet share more information on the upcoming Haunted Obachestra English version.

Haunted Obachestra is a josei-muke game developed by Poni-Pachet. Written by Yumas (Ozmafia!!, Steam Prison), it tells the story of a young man or woman named Yukiha Nasu. They end up moving into a Western-style house because the rent is cheap. However, not only will they share a house with multiple people, but these people are non-humans who enjoy playing old-fashioned instruments and practicing with them in the basement.

Briana R. Cross