Joseimuke Visual Novel ‘Haunted Obachestra’ Features Proud Werewolf Gioh Von Wolfhart

Moonchime Studios has shared a new character profile for Haunted Obachestra. Their Twitter account revealed some information about the lycanthrope Gioh von Wolfhart. The joseimuke visual novel being developed by Poni-Pachet will have a Kickstarter launching in July 2022, although more details about this crowdfunding campaign will be shared later.

Written by Yumas (Ozmafia!!, Steam Prison), Haunted Obachestra tells the story of a young man or woman called Yukiha Nasu. They end up moving into a Western-style house because the rent is cheap, but not only will they be sharing a house with multiple people, those people happen to be non-humans who enjoy playing old-fashioned instruments and practicing at basement.

We already know the vampire Exnaz von Enterstein and the incubus Merry Christhrnova. Now it’s the turn of werewolf Gioh von Wolfhart, whose voice actor is Makoto Furukawa (Steam Prison’s Adage, Cupid Parasite’s Allan Melville, among many other relevant roles).

Gioh is a proud member of the lycanthrope race who feels a lot of pride and is a member of the royal line, but there are simply too many other successors above him in the line to the throne. He has a strong accent but it only shows when he’s too distracted to hide it. However, his accent isn’t the only thing he tries to hide, but also a deep insecurity that comes with believing he has no talent.

He can sometimes be a bit too uptight, which makes it easy for him to argue with other people. However, deep down he’s an honest, good guy and it’s more about attitude. Also, an interesting aspect is that he sees Exnaz as a rival, a play on the ancient rivalry of werewolves and vampires.

If you want to discover the voice of Gioh, you can consult the official Japanese site of the multimedia project of Poni-Pachet which offers some extracts of his voice. There are also two audio samples of his music in the CDs based on the project. Check out his character song below:

We’ll keep you posted when Moonchime and Poni-Pachet share more information on the upcoming Haunted Obachestra English version.

Briana R. Cross