How to Disable the Visual Search Icon in Microsoft Edge

If you use the Microsoft Edge web browser, you may have noticed that the browser displays a small icon over any image you hover over. The feature, called Visual Search, has been available for a while, but it looks like Microsoft automatically enabled it for some users.

Until recently, visual search had to be enabled by the user to use the feature. Edge displays the visual search icon in the upper right corner of the image when the mouse cursor hovers over the image.

The Visual Search tooltip appears when you move the cursor over the icon. A click on the icon opens the Visual Search sidebar of the Edge browser. Powered by Microsoft’s Bing search engine, information about the featured image and related content is displayed in the sidebar.

edge searches for an image on the web

It is a reverse image solution that is baked directly into the Edge web browser. Some Edge users may find this feature useful, as it gives them access to one-click reverse image searches. Others may find the icon distracting and want to remove it, if it was enabled on their devices.

Edge users can right-click images and select “Visual Search” to achieve the same result. Most may prefer this option to the ubiquitous visual search icons when hovering over images in the Edge browser.

Microsoft Bing supports image search, which some users may also use.

Disable Edge Visual Search Icon

edge visual search parameter

Edge users who wish to disable the visual search icon or context menu option in the browser can do so in the following way. Note that you can also enable the feature if it is not enabled by following the instructions.

  1. Load edge://settings/appearance in the browser address bar or select Main Menu > Settings > Appearance.
  2. Scroll down to the Context Menus section on the page that opens.
  3. Enable the Visual Search entry on the page to show preferences for that particular feature.
  4. Toggle “Show visual search on image hover” to enable or disable the visual search icon in Microsoft Edge.
  5. Toggle “Show visual search in context menu” to enable or disable the Visual Search context menu entry.
  6. You can also disable visual search for specific sites by selecting Add and entering URLs.

Changes take effect immediately, a browser restart or reloading of open tabs is not required to see the changes.

visual search disabled

Repeat the steps to undo changes at any time.

Now you: do you find Edge’s visual search feature useful? (Going through Dr Windows)


How to Disable the Visual Search Icon in Microsoft Edge

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How to Disable the Visual Search Icon in Microsoft Edge

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Learn how to disable the visual search icon that the Microsoft Edge web browser displays when the mouse cursor hovers over images.


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