HEXE Drops Sultry Visual For Their Sex-Positive Single, “Crush”

The boy-girl electro-pop duo release the sexy music video for their latest track.

It might be a four-day workweek, but we’re already craving the strobe lights and breezy tunes that are synonymous with a weekend motif. Providing the perfect backing track, HEXE offers us the bubbly “Crush” – an ethereal soundscape filled with the addictive nostalgia of classic ’90s electronic music.

As Lex Stowe’s angelic voice dances to a swaying beat, “Crush” begins to divulge the dizzying exhilaration that comes with falling in love with a new lover. Continuing this sentiment, “Crush” comes with a dynamic black and white visual. Encapsulating the irresistible sexiness of the track, the visual sees the singer draped in lacy lingerie under flashing strobe lights. Creating a passionate display of sexual empowerment, “Crush” eradicates the negative connotations often attributed to a woman confident in her promiscuity.

In light of the electro-pop duo’s latest release, we sat down with HEXE to discuss their personal take on the track, their experience with TikTok, and their next steps for the year ahead. To read the full interview and stream the visual, head below…

Congratulations on the single “Crush” – how did you come together to form HÉXË?
Thanks!… I (lex) was doing a lot of remote dubbing for producers/DJs before I met Cal. A project needed vocal tracking, so I was put in touch with a London-based producer, who happened to be Cals’ dad (dad Raab, I call him), to set up a recording session. One thing led to another, he played me part of Cals’ production, which I immediately fell in love with. Cal and I got in touch following this and had our first session together, during which we created our very first single “Words” and have been working together ever since. It’s been about 5 years now!

How did being one of the first to release on TikTok’s new platform, Sound On, come about?
We sent “Crush” to TikTok before the release date and they loved it! They said they wanted to support it, and by releasing it on Sound On they could help push the single forward. We’ve had a great response on the app so far, so we’re over the moon.

Tell us about the video, where did the idea for the video come from?
The video is a contrast between sexual emancipation and surrealism. Lex is passionate about sexual empowerment and we wanted to channel that expression into the video in a sophisticated and artistic way. We consider sexual emancipation and surrealism to be similar art forms. So, rather than trying to be very sexy in the video, we have instead tried to promote an open mind to the unusual and cause any discomfort that may arise in viewers. We believe this is a healthy way to encourage sexual exploration, because sexual empowerment is about feeling comfortable in your own sexuality.

You say your music is influenced by sexual expression and empowerment, how does that stay relevant in your music?
We have a lot of music that hasn’t been released yet that focuses on sexual expression in our lyrical concepts, although we certainly don’t write about sex all the time. However, the darkness of a vocal production or performance can often be suggestive. We keep sexual empowerment relevant by channeling that influence into our visuals and overall aesthetic, as well as the music we make. We believe that sexual expression is an art form and the beauty of art is that it doesn’t have to have meaning. So sometimes it might seem relevant, sometimes not, and we’re ok with that.

What are your plans for the summer and the rest of 2022?
We have many more releases in the pipeline, mostly working on single releases currently. We will continue to develop our aesthetic and our brand, and hope to have concerts planned for this summer!

Briana R. Cross