Goblin Slayer returns with season 2 and gets a new visual teaser

The good news for anime fans like Goblin Slayer season 2 is in production. Well, here’s everything you need to know about the latest announcement.

Goblin Slayer is popular among anime fans for its dark theme and controversial content. The series was blamed for its disturbing elements and was even banned for certain reasons. All set aside; Leprechaun Killer is still one of the most underrated anime series of all time. People who watched the series were definitely waiting for its second season. But after the end of the first season in 2018, Goblin Slayer taken a long break so far. Finally, after more than three years, Goblin Slayer returns with its second season.

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Komi can’t communicate | Part 2 Trailer | AnimeNetflix

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Komi can’t communicate | Part 2 trailer | AnimeNetflix






Goblin Slayer season 2 confirmed

In the Anime Japan 2022 event, Goblin Slayer fans were hoping for good news regarding the series. It seems the makers did not disappoint. It was officially announced in the event that Goblin Slayer season 2 is currently in production.

Unfortunately, the announcement did not share any details regarding the release date, cast, studio, or any other important information. But we will update you with more information as it is released.

Visual teaser for the second season of Goblin Slayer

Just as one would expect from a dark anime series like Goblin Slayer, the anime’s visual teaser isn’t that nice. We can see the main protagonist of the show, Goblin Slayer, with burning eyes and blood running behind him. The goblins can also be seen laughing behind the killer. Just below the series name, the poster says, “He doesn’t let anyone roll the dice.”

What is Goblin Slayer about?

Goblins are the cruel monsters that attack cities to kidnap females for breeding. Despite their brutal deeds, the adventurers neglect the goblins for more rewarding tasks. A priestess and a few other people go looking for these goblins, but the monsters unexpectedly attack the group. The goblins kill everyone except the priestess, because Goblin Slayer saves her. The killer, with his team, has the mission to kill each of these monsters.

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