GitHub Copilot available for Visual Studio 2022

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GitHub Copilot, a controversial AI-based coding assistant launched by GitHub and OpenAI last year, is now available for Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2022 IDE, although the AI ​​assistant is still in the technical preview phase. .

In a bulletin published on March 29, GitHub said that interested Visual Studio users should join the waitlist to get the technical preview before installing the Visual Studio 2022 extension. Spaces are limited. After receiving an email confirming access, developers should open “Extensions -> Manage Extensions” in Visual Studio and search for GitHub Copilot.

Described as an “AI pair programmer”, GitHub Copilot automatically suggests code it thinks developers might want as they type. Developers can accept or ignore suggestions. The tool is powered by the OpenAI Codex AI system, trained on publicly available source code and natural language.

GitHub Copilot has drawn protests from the Free Software Foundation (FSF), which questioned whether training its model on public source code repositories was copyright infringement and whether it violated GPL-licensed works .

The FSF has also complained that running Copliot requires software that is not free. Last year, the organization called for white papers on its issues around Copliot and selected five articles to highlight at the end of February.

For Visual Studio users, GitHub invites feedback on Copilot, especially regarding .NET languages. Users were encouraged to write unit tests with their favorite frameworks or ask Copilot to implement new methods. The more specific the code comments, the better Copilot can create code that matches a developer’s intentions, GitHub said.

GitHub Copilot is also available as an extension for Neovim, JetBrains, and Visual Studio Code.

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Briana R. Cross