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NEW YORK, June 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Getty Images, one of the world’s leading visual content creators and marketplaces, today launched VisualGPS Insights, a new interactive tool designed to help businesses develop content supported by data and visual guidance. For the first time, users can view and analyze more than 2.5 billion annual searches and download queries from Getty Images as well as iStock, its e-commerce platform focused on SMBs, SMBs and creatives. .

VisualGPS Insights represents a significant leap forward in exploiting real-time visual trends, providing businesses with a strategic tool to drive market differentiation by exploring and understanding relative interest in particular content queries. Global trends and visual insights are accessible via easy-to-understand graphs, charts and heatmaps showing industries, regions and timeframes. Users will also be able to compare two terms to find intersections between trending topics and popular images, illustrations, and videos. “Discussing with companies and agencies of all sizes, we realized how many of them were afraid of getting things wrong with their visual content,” comments Dr. Rebecca Swift, Global Head of Creative Insights at Getty Images and iStock. “Whether brands are looking to diversify their image choices or find insights that amplify their marketing results, this tool will help businesses of all sizes make more informed decisions about their visual strategy.”

For Getty Images and iStock customers, VisualGPS Insights is a point of reference for the images and topics that more than 825,000 brands around the world use to communicate with their audiences. This not only allows businesses of all sizes to confidently make creative decisions that impact their audience, but it also allows small businesses and freelancers to choose relevant and inspiring visual concepts that resonate regionally to justify budget spending decisions. “VisualGPS Insights goes beyond predicting visual trends. It gives our customers access at their fingertips to proprietary data that powers the insights most relevant to them, their brand and their audience,” adds Candace Marks, Senior Director of Product Management at Getty Images and iStock. “This tool can be used to support our clients throughout the creation process, inject innovative ideas and defend their strategies with the final decision-makers.”

To help customers understand the relative interest for a single term and/or the comparison of two terms, the tool will display:

Interest over time which depicts interest in terms over a specific time period via a line chart Regional Interest which compares relative interest in terms around the world via a global heatmap Industry Interest which shows the level of interest for terms/s in 15 industry verticals via a bar chartThe most popular visuals (illustrations, videos, photos) uploaded to or which are updated with global, regional, temporal and sectoral

Early adopters are seeing significant gains across a range of customer experience metrics, including: “We’ve worked closely with our friends at Getty Images over the past year to develop actionable, data-driven guidance through to our DE&I imagery toolkits, based on valuable insights from their global research on VisualGPS. This insight has given our colleagues around the world the confidence to make inclusive and authentic visual choices in their creative assets. VisualGPS Insights will continue to draw on the rich insights of legacy research, making it easier for our teams to validate visual choices in our creative strategies and continue to create wider impact through authentic representation in images than we use.-Nikki Darden, Head of Internal Brand Engagement and Onboarding global, Citi

The launch of this tool builds on the 2019 introduction of VisualGPS from Getty Images, a significant extension of our longstanding expertise in visual content. VisualGPS combines the latest proprietary searches with data from over 2.5 billion searches per year by over 750,000 customers from nearly every country, as well as image testing, with the expertise of visual analysts. Significantly, VisualGPS is an ongoing program that runs throughout the year, capturing the sentiment of over 7,000 people around the world to help brands understand consumer sentiment and build stronger connections with customers and a wider audience. VisualGPS presents businesses with research, data, and insights that can be leveraged at any time to create deep, meaningful connections with their customers, driving them to action. The new VisualGPS Insights tool acts as an extension of this program, providing for the first time a wealth of exclusive search and download data to Getty Images and iStock customers in one easy-to-use tool.

The VisualGPS Insights tool is free to all registered iStock and Getty Images customers worldwide. Once registered, users can access the tool at or

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Getty Images is a leading global visual content creator and marketplace that offers a full range of content solutions to meet the needs of any customer in the world, regardless of size. Through its Getty Images, iStock and Unsplash brands, websites and APIs, Getty Images serves more than 825,000 customers in nearly every country in the world and is the first place people go to discover, buy and share visual content. powerful of the best photographers in the world. and videographers. Getty Images works with over 488,000 contributors and over 300 content partners to deliver this powerful and comprehensive content. Each year, Getty Images covers more than 160,000 news, sports and entertainment events, providing unparalleled depth and breadth coverage. Getty Images maintains one of the world’s largest and best private photographic archives with over 135 million images dating back to the earliest days of photography.

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