FVCKRENDER presents The LVCIDIA Experience feat. Audiovisual Performance A0K1VERSE+ by Steve Aoki by TOKiMONSTA

Leading digital artist FVCKRENDER has announced the LVCIDIA NYC.NFT event taking over Studio 525 from June 21-23 and featuring a collaboration with Steve Aoki’s A0K1VERSE, as well as performances by Steve Aoki, TOKiMONSTA and The Holy. Acting as an immersive journey into the audio-visual landscape of FVCKRENDER’s LVCIDIA virtual gallery metaverse, the event will be accompanied by the launch of an NFT open edition created by Fvckrender to celebrate NYC.NFT and exclusively available during LVCIDIA events.

Guests are invited to step out of their own world and into the world of LVCIDIA, an epic crossover of IRL elements and the otherworldly digital dimension created by FVCKRENDER.

Commitment not only to immersion, but also to genuine interaction sets this project apart, taking care to foster community and engage participants every step of the way. Elegant and serene, the event will immerse attendees into the ethereal world of FVCKRENDER and LVCIDIA. Clean lines and subtle accent lighting place the artwork and viewer immersion at the forefront of visual aesthetics.


“I am thrilled to welcome LVCIDIA attendees to NFT NYC. LVCIDIA is going to be a massive curated world, where people can explore virtual environments both physically and digitally. I’m kicking off the project, but it’s just the beginning as we’re creating an ecosystem where some of the most amazing artists can contribute their own elements.

From the moment participants enter the waking world of LVCIDIA, a 360-degree mapped surround that fully immerses participants in the living worlds of FVCKRENDER’s work, they are greeted with subtle atmospheric effects, synchronized ambient lighting, and a spatial soundtrack, creating an inspired multimedia journey for the senses. With a custom DJ booth that doubles as a performance space and art installation, LVCIDIA is both a visual and aural exploration. Participants are treated to a personalized audioscape that evolves and changes as they navigate through the experience, thanks to a multi-dimensional soundscape from THE HOLY and a collaboration with Steve Aoki’s A0K1VERSE, as well as performances from Steve Aoki and TOKiMONSTA.

The options for playing a role in creating a new world are vast, as participants become curators of the FVCK_AVATARS gallery. By using RFID personalized chain link wristbands, collectors can display FVCKRENDER coins from their personal NFT wallet on a series of Samsung Ultra High Definition bezel screens. Allowing attendees a unique opportunity to experience and share their collection in its highest quality, accompanied by subtly responsive LED backlighting.

Utilizing the ever-expanding world of XR technology, the LVCIDIA XR Photo Booth offers attendees the ability to directly enter the worlds of FVCKRENDER in 3D space and capture their experience with a short collectible clip sent directly to their device. digital. Multiple coordinated IRL environments and lighting elements give users an array of options to customize the look of their shot, not only providing a fun way to engage directly, but leaving people with a lasting visual to share.

That’s not the only lasting impression from the special event, with a special NFT NYC FVCKRENDER coin up for grabs. This open edition will be available only to event attendees and open for the duration of the event. This exciting new chapter in the artistic world of LVCIDIA is not to be missed, bringing to life the visions of one of the most prominent NFT artists. Thank you to sponsors Ledger and OTOY, who make this comprehensive event possible.

FVCKRENDER LVCIDIE June 21 – June 23, 2022 Workshop 525 525 West 24th Street New York, NY 10011 12pm-6pm | 9pm-1am Register HERE to experience one of NFT NYC’s most coveted showcases.

About the artist

FVCKRENDER has already made its mark on the digital landscape, and it’s a massive mark at that, bringing not just art, but community, utility, and ultimately entirely new worlds to the metaverse. A self-taught, native digital artist, he was innovating in the cyberworld long before it was his full-time job. Originally from Montreal, he developed his artistic prowess from his own laptop, prioritizing his work whenever he could while working to support himself. Using breaks and stolen moments before shifts, he taught himself how to use the 3D art software that has since defined his career. Developing incredible dedication as well as skill, he began to create a piece of work every day – a tradition that continued for the next five years.

His unique, futuristic style is both mechanical and eerily human, filled with raw emotions not often seen in machines and technology. Currently based in Vancouver, BC, he continues to build on his already impressive work, using the creative process as a form of self-therapy. Using his art to illuminate and thereby overcome the traumas of the past, he infuses it with a striking vulnerability, balancing this with a necessary element of fun. His work has been featured at reputable auction houses such as Christies and Sothebys. The recent success of his FVCK_CRYSTAL project has generated over $36 million in total revenue. Some notable clients include Ledger, Supreme, Hypebeast, The Hundreds, Swarovski, Dior, Avant Arte, Spotify, TIME and many more.


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