Flash Gottii Taps On D Savage In Cinematic “Pull Up” Visual

Flash Gottii is here to prove he has what it takes to become one of the greatest. Hailing from Kansas City but based in Los Angeles, the rising star is more excited than ever to release her new single and visual titled “Pull Up,” tapping the Los Angeles rapper. D Wild. The cut produced by DJ Young Mackey sees the two rappers gliding over his hard-hitting production.


Talking about how the song came together with D Save, Flash Gottii says, “D Savage ended up on the song because he’s my brother. We’re still in the studio together, so it was the perfect time. I was playing music, and he said ‘let me go’.”

The only thing better than the actual disc is the music video, full of “flamethrowers and big MAC trucks”. Flash Gottii explains, I wanted to show behind the scenes of how we hit it. There were a lot of people on set like K Suave, Chris King, Buddha Bands, etc. my son Grams took my vision and took care of the rest.

Halfway through 2022, Flash Gottii reminds his fans that the big s### is on the way, dropping all summer and all year. The takeaway? Have fun with the disc and get ready for what lies ahead.

Briana R. Cross