Filipino visual artist Deisa takes us through the creation of Jae and Seori

Deisa just made a fan’s biggest dream come true.

If you’ve seen the animated lyric video for “It just is”, Jaecollaboration with Seori and Keshi, you probably swooned over the gorgeous artwork that perfectly paints the song into a visual. It was created by Deisa (Days), a Filipino freelance designer and illustrator and a huge DAY6 fan, whose work caught the eye of Jae himself.

It’s always been such a dream for me to work with Jae because I’ve been following their music as DAY6 since 2017,” Deisa told Bandwagon. “They also made me believe that hard work really does pay off, and that pursuing your passion is something worth believing in.”

Bandwagon reached out to Deisa to talk about how she scored this awesome gig, what it was like working with Jae’s team, and her process for making the lyric video.

Tell us about yourself and your background in visual arts/animation.

Salvation! My name is Deisa and I am currently a freelance designer and illustrator from Manila, Philippines. I’ve worked in small studios and corporations since graduating. I did a few design internships (in Manila and Seoul) and that’s when I started getting exposed to the media industry.

While working full time in 2017 as a graphic designer, I had this random idea to produce these illustrated MVs for the B-sides of DAY6. I’m a big fan of Japanese anime music videos on Youtube (honey houses was one of my main motivations!) because they tell a story in just 3-4 minutes, and that inspired me to create this illustrated MV mini-project. I wasn’t exactly the best video editor or motion graphics animator at the time, but I still wanted to get ahead, so I just did what I could (I didn’t was just a newbie) and posted the very first fanmade Project MV on my channel.

After that, I started enjoying experimenting with different animation styles in successive fan-made videos. It was really tedious and time consuming because I had to balance my full time job and my personal project, however, to see people reacting to it in a positive way and the way it resonates with them was really heartwarming and it was definitely worth it .

I was learning more about animation and video editing as I went, and it was such a fun experience. I practiced very hard because I wanted to convey all my thoughts and emotions in the best possible way through the videos I created.

Right now, I’m currently studying my Masters in Design at the Otis College of Arts and Design in Los Angeles, and I’m still learning. There’s so much I still don’t know, but it’s exciting to dive into something new and unknown. Music and the arts have always played a huge role in my life, and it’s one of the main reasons why I’m where I stand now.

How did you get this gig to create the lyric video “It just is”? What’s it like working with international bands like Jae and Seori?

Last February, I created a fan-made video for Jae’s track ‘Other Side’, and I was really surprised that he noticed my tweet about it and saw the video!

I really thought it would end there, because it was just too unimaginable for someone as insignificant as me to work with an established musician like Jae. To be completely honest, I was already happy just knowing that he had already seen one of my videos and that I had completed my mission.

However, a few weeks before the scheduled release of the “It Just Is” video, I received an email from the eaJ team. I was so confused because at first I thought it wasn’t legit, but it was really from them. They contacted me and asked if I was up for collaborating on an upcoming eaJ release, and imagine the shock I got after reading the emailI had no more words and my mind went blank.

It’s always been such a dream for me to work with Jae because I’ve been following their music as DAY6 since 2017, and now he’s also continuing his personal project as “eaJ”. I really admire them because they create music and do something they love. They also made me believe that hard work really pays off and pursuing your passion is worth believing in.

Jae and Seori are truly amazing (including Keshi and everyone else on the team), and receiving this great opportunity was just something I never imagined would happen. I was just a fan, and I really wasn’t that big of an artist, so it was really hard for me to believe that they wanted me to be a part of something as big as this collaboration.

However, I am grateful that they placed their trust in me throughout the project, and that really meant a lot to me.

How was your creative process for the lyric video?

First, I created a moodboard where I laid out all the visual and typographic cues, color schemes, etc. and I sent them to the team so they could visualize what I had in mind.

Then once they approved it, I started with the initial storyboard and sketches of each scene. This is actually the most time consuming part because it was difficult to think of the scenes by line and to link them. There are tons of ideas, but selecting the ones that might work well with the others was the catch, so I had to scrape some initial scenes and change them.

After finishing the scenes, I move on to creating the animations. I mainly use Clip Studio Painting for frame-by-frame animations, then procreate in the minimum.

Then, when each scene is finished, I go to put everything together in Adobe After Effects and I finalize everything in Adobe Premiere Pro!

Finally, I send the first draft to the team and ask if they have any revisions with anything, and then when everything is reviewed and verified, I will return the final video and send it back for her to download!

Did you have a lot of creative freedom for the lyric video?

Yes! The eaJ team actually told me that they wanted to see how I would perform the song, so it was really daunting at first, but at the same time, I was excited to start working on the script and the style of the video because the track was really nice, and I really got into it as soon as I heard it.

To what extent did Jae and Seori participate in the conceptualization of the video?

For this one, I was mostly talking to Jae’s team, and they left the conceptualization and interpretation of the song to me. However, I still included my thoughts on how I envisioned the track in the moodboard just to get us on the same page!

You seem to be a big fan of DAY6, how did you discover Seori and Keshi’s music? Who else do you like to listen to?

I saw an advertisement for Keshi’s ‘Blue’ on Instagram a few years ago, and immediately looked at his music! It really struck me when I heard it. As for Seori, I saw someone tweeting about her and Jae recommended her, so I checked out her tracks as well and started listening to her music casually!

I like listening Chicken Hump, BBHF, OOR, 88Rising [acts]Hyukoh, Nive, NCT, GOT7, and much more!

Which musicians would you like to collaborate with?

Oh, that’s hard. I guess I would love to collaborate with some of the artists that I look up to like Nive, Keshi, Stephanie Poetri (absolutely love it!), or even NIKI! Their songs are really nice, and I put them on loop often. Of course, if there was a chance to collaborate with DAY6, it would be such an honor.

Do you have any other projects coming out soon that you can share with us?

For now, I still have no upcoming projects. I’m currently only doing freelance work and personal projects while in school, so there you have it. 🙂

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Briana R. Cross