DNEG hires Oscar winners Eric Brevig and Greg Butler as visual effects supervisors

MUMBAI: Visual effects (VFX) and animation studio DNEG announced on Friday the hiring of Eric Brevig and Greg Butler as visual effects supervisors. Brevig and Butler each join DNEG with decades of experience in the film industry.

Brevig’s notable award-winning credits as a VFX supervisor include “Total Recall” (1990), for which he received the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects, “Hook” (1991), for which he was nominated for an Oscar. the best visual effects. , “Men In Black” (1997), which earned him a Bafta nomination for Best Visual Effects, and “Pearl Harbor” (2001), which earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Visual Effects.

Butler’s portfolio of credits as a VFX supervisor includes Sam Mendes’ war drama ‘1917’ (2019), which won him an Oscar and Bafta for Best Visual Effects, and ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’. death: part 2” (2011), which earned him his first Bafta. Earlier in his career, Butler received a Visual Effects Society Award for “Outstanding Character Animation” for his work as Gollum in “The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King” (2003).

“I am proud that Eric and Greg, two highly accomplished industry veterans, each with their own incredible heritage of jaw-dropping work, are joining the creative ranks of DNEG. Eric and Greg will certainly help us continue to push the creative boundaries of what is possible during this time of technological advancement in our industry and unprecedented demand for our services. Adding professionals with backgrounds, talents and expertise like theirs further solidifies DNEG as the leading visual effects and animation studio in the category,” said Namit Malhotra, President and CEO of DNEG. .

Speaking about his new role, Brevig said, “I’ve had the pleasure of working with DNEG and Namit on several projects in the past and I’m thrilled to be part of this world-class creative team. DNEG’s commitment to excellence and plans for future growth make this a very exciting time for me to join the company.

“My approach to visual effects art has always been to find the right techniques to create the most believable, engaging and immersive experience for the audience. Using both virtual and physical tools, we can now achieve anything what the filmmaker can imagine.

Butler joins DNEG from Method Studios, where he worked as a VFX Supervisor on various feature film, episodic and commercial projects, including most recently Large Scale, a yet to be announced project for Amazon.

“I’ve been with DNEG for many years – even before my days in London Soho – as a contestant, collaborator and as a home to many of my favorite people in visual effects. I’m very excited to join in the Montreal office of DNEG and I know that we will do a good job together.

“The visual effects are a magic trick. Its goal, to keep the audience engaged in the story and the world of film. Whether used to create fantastical wand duels in Harry Potter or invisible cups in 1917, the visual effects are a series of illusions created in the service of the story. Although it’s the end result that counts, I’ve always been captivated by the process of making a film; the dynamic behind-the-scenes collaboration of VFX artists and live-action crews whose work is their foundation,” Butler said.

Briana R. Cross