Date A Live IV Anime Presents ‘Kurumi Arc’ in Video, Visual – Up News Info

Kadokawa began streaming the fifth promotional video on Friday for the Date A Live IV lively. The video features the series’ “Kurumi arc”, featuring the character Kurumi Tokisaki (voiced by Asami Sanada). Kadokawa also revealed a visual for the arc.

The anime premiered on AT-X channel on April 8. Crunchyroll is streaming the series as it airs and is also streaming an English dub. The anime was originally scheduled to release in October, but was later delayed to this year for “various reasons”.

Jun Nakagawa (Dating a ball, high school fleet) directs the anime to Geeky toys (Dating a ball, looter). Fumihiko Shimo (Talentless girl, Myriad Colors Ghost World) oversees the scripts for the series, Naoto Nakamura (high school fleet, The price of smiles) designs the characters, and Come on Sakabe returns from the previous three anime to compose the music.

Miyu Tomita performs the opening theme song “OveR” and soft arm performs the ending theme song “SOS”

Kōshi Tachibana launched the original light novel series in March 2011 with artwork by Tsunako. Kadokawait is Fantasy Bunko imprint published the 22nd and final volume in March 2020. Yen Press publishes the novels in English.

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Briana R. Cross