Danger Mouse And Black Thought Share Trippy Visual For Song “Because”

Danger Mouse and Black Thought share a trippy visual for the song

Danger Mouse and Black Thought have shared a new music video for their song “Because,” which also features Joey Bada$$, Russ, and Dylan Cartlidge. The new music video features tons of trippy visuals for the song, and a mix of live performance and CGI-rendered art.

Directed by Uncanny, the video features a computer-generated pedestrian wandering through an artificially rendered version of New York City. In this version of New York, the performers take over various billboards and oversized screens as they sing – at times, they even take over the sky itself. The pedestrian seems increasingly disoriented as the video progresses; in some places, a fish-lens camera effect takes over and completely destroys the boundaries between buildings and performers.

As previously reported, Danger Mouse and Black Thought have joined forces in order to release a new album Cheat Codes August 12 via BMG. The two had recently shared new single “No Gold Teeth,” which will be featured on the album in May. “Because” should also be in Cheat codes.


Briana R. Cross