Serving as a dark social commentary on the growing financial divide is squid gamewhich combines elements of The most dangerous game, Dickens’ Childhood Games and Debt into a ratings sensation for Netflix, and is a serious contender to upend the electoral establishment. “The play spaces in squid game were unique and something we had never experienced before,” says Cheong Jai-hoon, Visual Effects Supervisor of squid game. “What we wanted to achieve from the parameters of squid game was a manufactured but realistic look, and it was quite difficult to balance the two conflicting characteristics. Especially in Episode 107, the characters are playing the game of Glass Stepping Stones from high above the ground, and we had to create an environment that would immerse viewers in fear and tension. We put the most effort into deciding the depth of the stepping stones on the ground and the overall scale of the set. We could have easily overdone it, but we tried to find the right balance between what felt fake and realistic, because it was more difficult than we thought.

Also, the author is second only to the Bard himself in the number of film and television adaptations of his works. Lisey’s story was crafted by prolific horror maestro Stephen King, who has supernatural turmoil interspersed with personal trauma. There’s no shortage of comic book adaptations. A superhero who has a quick wit and archery skills is paired with a like-minded protege in Hawk Eye, which channels Shane Black’s penchant for Christmas, action sequences and odd comedic pairings. For those who want an irreverent take on the genre, James Gunn is directing the small-screen adaptation of Peacemakerwhere an extremist murderer embarks on a quest for peace. moon knight features the Marvel Studios equivalent of Batman, but with a reincarnation twist of the Egyptian god that raises questions about the titular character’s sanity.

Superman and Lois re-invent The daily planet colleagues as a married couple trying to balance domestic life and a rogue gallery of high-flying adversaries. “If Superman is fighting someone in the air where they’d both be horizontal, it was much more time efficient and easier for the actors if they could be vertical,” says cinematographer Stephen Maier. , which added physical camera shake for the sake of realism. . “The stunt team often goes off to conceive or rehearse something, do their preview that they film on their iPhones, cut it together and show it to us. We have a close collaboration with special effects when it comes to atmospheric smoke and haze. The gags they come up with help illustrate Superman’s strength, like him lifting a car.

Given the growing demand for content and the acceptance of visual effects as a main working tool for potential nominees, it is evident how the quality of the production of television and streaming shows has helped to broaden the range of creations with a theatrical sensibility. It’s for this reason that the Primetime Emmy Awards have become as compelling to watch as the Academy Awards, as both showcase the best that can be achieved when talented digital artists can contribute to the storytelling. Undoubtedly, the eventual winner will embody the highest level of creative and technical ingenuity attainable under the current circumstances and serve as a building block for what is to come.

Briana R. Cross