Brahmastra Deva Deva Song is a visual spectacle with romance!


By Kinjal Panchal |

The epic fantasy movie Brahmāstra is gearing up for its release, and the makers are keeping the buzz around the movie going by dropping new videos and songs from the movie one after another. After Keseriya became a huge hit, the teaser for another song titled ‘Deva Deva’ dropped last week. The short clip left fans intrigued about it. And today, August 8, 2022, the full song ‘Deva Deva’ was dropped. The track is sung by Arijit Singh and Jonita Gandhi. The music for this song is composed by Pritam and the lyrics are written by Amitabh Bhattacharya.

The song ‘Deva Deva’ is now available

The three minute and 11 second video begins with Ranbir Kapoor AKA Shiva practicing fire harnessing with his guru Amitabh Bachchan. He also asks why and how is he connected to the world of Astras. To this Amitabhji replied saying that it was because he himself was an Astra – the astra Agni (fire). Throughout the video, Ranbir experiences his power over fire and how he never burns it.

He can shape the fire into any shape he wants, and the fire shoots out from his fingertips when he concentrates on bringing the flames to life. One of the scenes in the music video is very cool where Ranbir lights up all the streetlights with a simple twist of the wrist and shoots fire from his hands. The video further also saw Alia Bhatt walking around a bonfire with Ranbir as they continued to sing about their relationship. Towards the end, Ranbir is also seen bringing the fire to life around him in the snowy regions as well. From what appears in the video, the fire also reflects his mood. When he is ecstatic, huge flames burst around him.

It’s a song you can definitely vibe to because the music and the lyrics go hand in hand. Plus, the visuals in the video are stunning and good, and the chemistry between Ranbir and Alia is also happening!

The film will be released in theaters on September 9, 2022.

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