BL Visual Novel ‘The Patient S Remedy’ Now Available On MangaGamer; Discover the opening video subtitled in English

MADA laboratories The patient’s remedy is now available in English on PC. The BL visual novel was planned, written and illustrated by Mito Togo, best known for his work on the infamous Hadaka Shitsuji – Naked Butlers –. It is possible to get it for $35.99, which is a 10% discount due to the introductory sale.

The patient’s remedy tells the story of a young man named Sota Sasaki. He is afflicted with progressive cellular degeneration, a condition known informally as candle disease because the body begins to melt or become hard as a candle. This disease is fatal and is likely to kill him in 5 years.

However, doctors have also detected a particular condition that could make his bodily fluids a potential cure for candle disease. Not only is it a chance for him to get better, but it’s probably the last hope for many patients. As such, the Doctor promises him a special privilege in the service in exchange for his cooperation.

It is now up to the player to choose how to proceed. Through various choices, he can inject other male patients to try to find a miracle drug or abuse the privileged conditions offered to him to take advantage of what could be his last moments. What we know of The patient’s remedy is that the story will likely offer a lot of perverse possibilities, as one should already expect from the developer.

Discover the opening film of the game subtitled in English:

Besides the new version of MangaGamer, the English translation of The patient’s remedy is also available on Steam as a free update for the previously released Japanese game.

Briana R. Cross