AWS Amplify adds visual development tool

Amazon Web Services unveiled AWS Amplify Studio, a visual interface to simplify front-end and back-end development for web and mobile applications.

The point-and-click visual development environment extends the AWS Amplify toolset for building web and mobile apps, allowing developers to visually build backends and frontends and incorporate AWS services such as authentication, real-time data and file storage. With Amplify Studio, developers can create complete applications in hours, according to AWS. For the front-end, developers can rely on dozens of pre-built React UI components and can customize the components.

Developers can get started with AWS Amplify Studio through the product website. Amplify Studio had been in preview since December. The generally available release adds features such as support for UI event handlers, component theming, and improvements in extending and customizing generated components. Integration with the Figma design platform allows developers and designers to collaborate on app user interfaces. Developers can pull new component designs from Figma into their app in Amplify Studio.

Developers can also take advantage of AWS Amplify hosting services, a CI/CD platform for web applications.

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Briana R. Cross