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“I DO NOT ONLY MAKE WORKS OF ART for decoration. Mine are multifunctional. For example, I made a lamp shell that also serves as a storage case”, explains Didier Irimaso, visual artist and wood assembler .

The 22-year-old is currently self-employed and makes original works of art from wood and other different materials. Besides the shell of the lamp, he also assembled a bed that includes drawers and spaces where you can place objects like vases, candle holders, among others.

Irimaso was introduced to the art when he was seven years old. He used to draw different things in his notebooks and on the board whenever his teacher asked him to. In high school, he also made decorations using paint whenever the school had an event.

A bed that Didier Irimaso assembled in wood

In 2018, he joined Nyundo Art School to fulfill his dream of becoming an artist – following repeated beatings from his parents who did not understand why he was taking the path.

He said that upon arriving there, he was amazed by all that he saw: the paintings, sculptures and other forms of different works of art that forced him to work overtime and deploy his hard-working spirit to learn how to make them.

“I never expected to become who I am today. I really surprised myself and the ability in me because from there I became more than an artist,” he said.

Irimaso believes it was his destiny to attend sculpture and ceramics classes where he was introduced to the art of wood joining and loved it although he joined school eager to pursue graphic art.

When he finished secondary 5, he started an internship at the Intare gallery which was located in Gisenyi. While there, he produced several works of art, including paintings, sculptures, and wooden artworks.

Throughout his career, his motivation thrived on senior artists and what icons such as Leonardo da Vinci and Picasso did. He said they forced him to follow in their footsteps.

One of her portraits reflects Teresa and was inspired by how different and “strange” the woman in the photo looked.

“I loved how serious and sweet she was. I drew her to portray a message that urges people to show themselves as they are, to value themselves and to make others see value. value in them,” he said.

a lamp shell made by the artist.

Since he started creating multi-functional artwork, he was able to earn money and buy most of the materials he wanted, not to mention make important connections.

His challenges reflect the high cost of materials and the insufficient number of customers who do not match the effort he puts into making his works.

He has, however, embarked on serious, professional work and seeks to create more artwork that depicts creativity and innovation as well as through various disciplines which he believes will show how the works of Art isn’t just for the rich.

He also plans to create an art house that will include various works of art and spaces for people to further explore art and support other artists.

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